Q&A With RPR Industry Relations Team Offers Ideas for Helping REALTORS® Right now

RPR is continually looking for ways we can help REALTORS® be as successful as possible during this uncertain time. So we set out to ask our colleagues—long standing real estate pros from RPR’s Industry Relations team—for suggestions on how Associations and MLSs can help REALTORS® make the most of the downtime by picking up skills that help them stay connected with consumers and new business-building strategies.

Our panel includes RPR Industry Relations Directors Andrea Goodhart, Ernie Bottom, Laurie Register and Veronica McManus. Here’s what they had to say.

Andrea Goodhart

Industry Relations Director

Ernie Bottom

Industry Relations Director

Laurie Register

Industry Relations Director

Veronica McManus

Industry Relations Director

My members are in limbo due to the impact of the Coronavirus. How can I help them leverage RPR to help feed their pipelines?

Online education is the best thing to do right now. Direct your members to the RPR Learning Center which has a full slate of live webinars with instructors who can respond to questions. We also have a library of recorded webinars. Topics include everything from listing presentations and CMAs to farming neighborhoods and other business-building strategies.

Facebook reports in a March 24 blog post that they are seeing an extreme spike in usage due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Now is the time to take advantage of RPR’s library of editorial content to post to your social media pages in addition to your other member communication channels. Also, invite your members to join the RPR Connect Facebook page.

A great way for MLSs to help members expand the reach of their listings is by sharing your active listings with all REALTORS®. Doing so opens access to a vast referral network that allows agents to work together to meet the needs of consumers. Contact us to learn more.

REALTORS® everywhere are figuring out ways to keep in touch with customers and clients while spending time at home. What specific RPR tools can we share with them that will help their outreach efforts?

Encourage your members to share RPR Market Activity Reports—a proven relationship builder. They can even share the report on Facebook.

REALTORS® can easily upload custom PDFs into RPR reports, such as the RPR Neighborhood report. Photos of special places in the community and perhaps a personal message could be uplifting.

Your members can use this downtime to research distressed properties within RPR and use that knowledge to reach out to homeowners. Or, members can search Qualified Opportunity Zones to identify properties that expand investor-client acquisition options.

Many REALTORS® will benefit from using RPR business-building strategies during this time. Which have you found most helpful?

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