Insert custom pages into RPR reports

RPR reports just got an upgrade! Now REALTORS® can easily upload PDF’s into reports they create from RPR. The new feature is an excellent way to showcase your biography, testimonials, additional statistics, and specific marketing tools and methods you employ for your clients. Brokers enrolled in RPR’s Broker Tools have the option to also include an additional five PDF pages for their agents to use as well.

As an Agent, upload PDF files to your account by clicking the Reports tab at On the right side of the screen, under General Report Preferences, select Manage Custom Pages. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to add up to five customized PDF files.

Then select Add to upload up to five PDF files from your system. Note that the files must not exceed 10 MB in total. It’s best to clearly name the files for future reference.

Choose a row and drag it up or down to arrange the order of the pages. Here, you can also specify whether your custom pages will appear at the beginning or the end of your report.

Once complete, add your custom pages to individual reports under the My Details dropdown. Select or unselect custom pages you wish to be included. Your selections are saved for future reports, but can be changed at anytime.

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  2. […] Insert custom pages such as testimonials, your biography and other marketing collateral […]

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