RPR Unveils New Learning Menu

RPR, an exclusive REALTOR® benefit and the nation’s largest property database, just got stronger and easier to use. A new Learning Menu, which resides within the navigation, went live in early April.

RPR users will now be able to access learning videos, articles, FAQs and more, while they’re accessing deep real estate data, running property reports, and prepping to “wow” their clients.

Although RPR is quite intuitive and user-friendly, the new Learning Menu will really come in handy when users need a little hint or nudge to help them complete a task on the website. This self-directed knowledge source is offered via a pull-down menu, described below.

Click Learning

Here’s how the new RPR Learning Menu works: from the top of each home page, there is an icon that looks like a graduation cap. Clicking on the cap icon will unveil content that directly relates to where the user is navigating.

Although there are many learning resources within every area of the site, not necessarily every page will have learning content. When learning content is available, the graduation cap will be white. If there is no learning content on a particular page, the graduation cap will be greyed out.

Grabbing Your Attention

The screenshot below shows the Learning Menu expanded on the Property Details page. From the example, you can see that the user has clicked the graduation cap icon to reveal the Learning Menu for this section. From here, watch a video tutorial on pricing a property, read relevant articles, and click directly to additional training and learning aids, such as how-to’s and webinars.

Additional content, along with varied learning levels (basic to advanced) will be added over time. As a reminder, you can also visit the Training section of our blog to view our on-demand video tutorials, e-books, and recorded webinars.

Next time you’re on the RPR website, be sure to check out the new Learning Menu and all the content that is available to you. It can save you time, elevate your knowledge of the platform, and make your RPR user experience even more productive.

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