Decoding Real Estate: Leveraging ChatGPT for Content Creation with Katie Lance

In this episode of Decoding Real Estate, we welcome Katie Lance. Katie is a real estate and social media trainer, coach, author and speaker. She has been working in marketing and branding for over twenty years, and has focused the last ten years on social media’s role in real estate success.

She joins the show to discuss the power and potential of AI ChatGPT in relation to creating top notch real estate content. Katie’s blog features all sorts of ChatGPT tips, from creating listing descriptions, newsletter topics and how to prompt the bots for an overall content creation plan.

Katie brings her experience and expertise to add her two cents about RPR’s latest feature, the Market Trends ScriptWriter. This AI-powered tool, integrated into the RPR Residential Market Trends section of their website, takes local housing market stats and metrics for a specific area, and lets REALTORS® hit the “Create Script” button to create scripts, marketing copy and social media posts. It also explains the market terms, their definitions and their correlations to one another. This isn’t just words strung together; it’s a clear, factual breakdown and clarification of housing market data that agents can easily share with their clients!

Reggie, Genie and Katie provide plenty of great questions and answers in this AI Generative text-focused episode.

Don’t miss this month’s Decoding Real Estate with guest Katie Lance!

Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett.


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    AI podcast was great ….I am really forward to use the RPR AI for SM.

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