Marketing Ideas for new Real Estate Agents

As a new REALTOR®, you probably have a lot of questions about where to start and how to build your business. We know that it can be overwhelming, and perhaps even a little confusing with so many options to choose from. However, RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is here to help!

As an NAR Member Benefit, RPR is available exclusively to REALTORS®. It provides you access to data, tools and reports that can help you “wow” your clients and close more deals. In addition to searching for properties, building a comp analysis and sending property reports to clients, it can also help you market yourself to clients and prospects.

With some help from RPR, new agents can focus on establishing and building their businesses by adopting a tool that helps them market to neighborhoods, impress buyers, showcase their professionalism, and nail listing presentations.

Here are five tips from RPR on how to achieve those goals:

1 Develop spot-on strategies for marketing to a farm area

Few things are more important to a new agent than raising awareness of their brand, capturing leads, earning referrals and landing listings. And a solid farming campaign can do just that. In fact, real estate farming is possibly the most proactive position you can take to build inventory.

And luckily for you, we’ve taken out all the guesswork with our new, downloadable eBook, How to Farm and Prospect for new Clients: an Exclusive RPR eBook. It’s an A-Z prospecting guide that will explain terms, show you step-by-step instructions, breakdown formulas, and even show you real world ways in which other agents are implementing successful marketing/prospecting campaigns.

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2 Create attention-getting Instagram visuals with Canva

It’s important for new agents to establish themselves as local market experts. And the perfect place to show off that expertise is social media. To do that, you need to share engaging real estate content with your network. Think neighborhood market stats, new listings, open houses and client testimonials for starters.

You can easily create professional-looking, attention-getting images through Canva, and use RPR data to get your numbers and proof statements. Canva is a simple to use, online design and publishing tool. With it, you can easily create designs without having professional design skills. All you need is an understanding of your brand colors and fonts, along with a clear idea of what you want to share.

Check out “How to Create Instagram Posts for Your Real Estate Business with Canva” for all the details and for six ready-made templates you can start using today.

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Create Instagram Posts for Your Real Estate Business with Canva
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3 Create colorful, client-friendly real estate reports for every facet of your business

Your real estate reports are your reputation on record, so it’s important to make sure they reflect the top-notch professional you are. Look for tools that allow you to brand reports with your name, photo, brokerage, and contact information. You should also be able to choose what elements to include and even add your own pages, such as testimonials, sales history, and a biography.

Agents who use reports from RPR instantly respond to client needs with real estate reports that matter. Create reports with as much or as little information as the client needs, brand each RPR report with your name, photo, logo and contact information; and customize reports to include your own marketing materials.

All nine RPR reports can be created, saved and then texted, emailed or printed from your preferred device, i.e., desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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4 Adopt an app that works for you… anytime, anywhere

It seems as if new real estate apps appear every day claiming to help you be more productive. Each has unique offerings yet only one longstanding app has stood the test of time. With RPR Mobile™ you have exclusive access to a host of tools that improve productivity while on the go, not to mention RPR’s unmatched property data and reports.

By downloading the free app, you can instantly view on- and off-market properties, leases, valuations, tax and mortgage info, distressed data, flood zones, mapping, demographics, schools, neighborhoods and market trends — all from your iOS or Android device. What’s more, the app provides a customizable report feature that allows you to create, save and share reports with just a few quick taps on the screen.

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5 Nail your next listing presentation with pricing precision

Pricing that potential listing with razor-like precision is the most important move in your listing presentation. Sellers want to know you’ve got a keen sense of the market, including an expertise in determining value. To do so, you need the industry’s most flexible and accurate valuation tool.

What makes RPR’s comp analysis tool stand out is its exclusive Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®) and refinement tools. As the only REALTOR® owned automated valuation product, the RVM goes beyond the traditional AVM by incorporating listing and sales data from the MLS into the equation. RPR’s comp analysis tool also allows agents to refine the value of a property by adjusting its basic facts, calculating the return on home improvements, and even altering the price to reflect needed improvements.

Agents can then wrap it all up in RPR’s professional-quality Seller’s Report, which includes your customized report cover, details of the subject property, local market conditions, side-by-side property comparisons, a pricing strategy, and a worksheet for estimated seller proceeds.

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