MLS CEO/REALTOR® Shares Her Simple RPR “Wow” Moment

As a real estate professional, Beckie Whittier is the CEO of the Central Texas MLS. She also spent fifteen years as a REALTOR® helping her clients achieve the dream of homeownership. To say she knows a thing or two about the business of real estate, is quite the understatement.

At a recent guest speaking gig, as a panelist representing MLS leadership, an RPR Industry Relations staffer asked Beckie about how she used RPR to “wow” her clients during her agent days. The audience was probably expecting to hear about data, analytics and detailed reports. But Beckie’s reply was a simple, straightforward, specific take on how she utilized RPR to assist her clients.

“As an agent, I used RPR as a tool to help me with my clients who were getting interest from out of state buyers. My sellers would often receive offers, from out of state buyers, that included a contingency to sell their house. It can be unsettling and stressful to consider putting the future of your home sale in the hands of an agent you don’t know, and hope they sell the buyer’s home in time, without any ability to affect the outcome. RPR allowed me to look up their home for sale, analyze the community and assess whether the house was priced to sell within the timeframe of the offer.”

Help Your Clients Make Informed Decisions With RPR

Beckie goes on to say, “With all the information available on RPR, I was able to provide my seller with accurate data for them to make an informed decision on whether to accept their purchase contract. As an agent, you want to minimize as much uncertainty as possible for your client. RPR was a helpful tool towards that goal.”

As the nation’s largest property database, RPR provides REALTORS® access to information on over 160M parcels and properties. Users can create detailed buyer and seller reports and tap into the RVM® (Realtor Valuation Model®) to build accurate CMAs. They can also research schools and neighborhoods, and market themselves with direct mail farming tactics, including creating their own mailing labels. RPR literally puts layers upon layers of data at a REALTOR’S® fingertips.

RPR offers such a deep dive into property data, that it’s sometimes hard to remember that it can also just simply be a common-sense tool to assist you in your day-to-day transactions and client interactions. You can use it to share information and research with your clients. This can go a long way in helping them better understand this complicated process.

“I would go onto the RPR website with my client, show the buyer’s house for sale, demonstrate the different analytics available and walk through the creation of the CMA. This allows the seller to participate in the data collection used in the decision-making process. They really appreciated being more involved and informed. It helped to provide some certainty in a somewhat uncertain process.”

How would Beckie sum up the RPR user experience? “RPR made my job, and my life, easier.”

Although it’s brimming with features, capabilities and property data, RPR can also be easy to use for specific tasks. Make your life easier: try RPR for one focused reason, keep using it to get more comfortable, then progress towards and tackle more with each use.

RPR is an NAR member benefit that is exclusively available to all REALTORS®. If you still haven’t tried RPR, now’s the time to start. Create your account here, and get trained here.

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  1. Tom February 11, 2020 at 7:48 am - Reply

    KISS seems to always work best.

  2. Maria Arrick February 21, 2020 at 5:39 am - Reply

    A great reminder! There are so many shiny RE businesses for $$$ out there right now that side track us from the great tools we already have as realtors.

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