Turning the Tables: New Data Sets Come to RPR Commercial

RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®) offers commercial practitioners a wealth of data and tools, including access to over 850K commercial listings and 56M off-market properties. Plus consumer data insights, site selection and mapping tools, Trade Area Reports, POIs, traffic count data, and the list goes on.

But you know what? There’s always room for more! We’re bringing even more data sets to the commercial side of our platform.

RPR is committed to empowering REALTORS® with comprehensive, accurate and current data–a commitment that has helped drive the recent enhancements to RPR Commercial. These data additions are tailored to not only streamline your decision-making process, but also give you an edge in this increasingly competitive market.

Navigate the New: RPR’s Commercial Data Enhancements

Beginning with the Summary section, you’ll now have even more data points to peruse, including the type of property and zoning to its cap rate, building size and building name. Having this data at your fingertips makes analysis and comparisons much simpler.

We have also added more details to the Basic Facts and Owner Facts sections. Here, you will find critical details like general use, property use, multi-parcel property information, contact names and titles among other primary considerations.

The Legal Description section now includes a new field–FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Parcel Number–that adds another layer of identification for each property. And Building Sq. Ft. has been added into the Property Features section.

Detailed data at your disposal

And then there’s our all-new Financial Details section. You’ll find the Adjusted Property Value provides you a clearer view of the real market value of a property, as it considers various factors in its valuation. The information about Multi Parcel Loans attached to the property is also quite helpful when analyzing investment opportunities.

We’ve also added fields such as Estimated Property Change, Current Owner and MTG Risk Score to offer insights into the potential appreciation or depreciation of a property and its associated mortgage risk. Amid today’s dynamic financial landscape, these details can serve as important decision-making tools.

Also included is Number of Refis or Equity Loans, New Applicant Underwriting Score and Default History. These data points bring greater transparency to a property’s lending histories.

The Property Use Reliability Score, lets you gauge how consistent a property has been in terms of its purpose–another compelling factor for buyers. Lastly, the new data sets includes Last Major Renovation details along with risk metrics such as Financial Risk Score, Property Use Risk Score and Local Area Credit Risk Score. These help give an overall view into different areas of potential risks surrounding a commercial property.

Together, these additional data points take you beyond basic facts and building features into more granular financial details. We’re confident that this new data will offer a bigger picture and more comprehensive insight into the true value and potential risks each commercial property holds.

RPR’s Commercial goal: that more data translates into more deals

So what are you waiting for? Harness the power of these new data enhancements, delve deeper into each property’s worth, and make confident decisions that will help elevate your profession and your bottom line.

RPR is here for you—driving innovation in real estate so you can continuously elevate your service, and meet your client’s needs.

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