REALTOR® Uses RPR to “Wow” Herself and her Clients

Welcome to another entry in our “Wow Moments” series, where we present real RPR success stories. These real estate pros, taking full advantage of their NAR member benefit, are using RPR to “wow” their clients and close more deals. This collection of examples and testimonials come directly from REALTORS® who are conducting business all over the country.

Today we put the spotlight on Gail Clement, a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage in Southport, North Carolina. Gail operates in a variety of real estate categories, including residential, commercial and land.

Gail was kind enough to send RPR an email where she personally thanked us for helping her become an expert in her area. So of course, we had to reach out and speak to her! Here’s her RPR “wow” story…

“RPR is Helping me Grow my Business!”

Although Gail is a regular user, her RPR “Wow Moment” story came about by accident. She had heard of Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs), and thought they might be a smart way to help her investor clients. Through a Google search, Gail stumbled into the fact that RPR was hosting a webinar on “Opportunity Zone Tips and Tricks.” The class was hosted by Nathan Graham, RPR’s Director of Commercial Services.

Gail says, “The Opportunity Zones webinar I found was superior. It was so simple and straightforward, yet it really explained what these areas are and how the program works. I just couldn’t believe Opportunity Zones were in RPR, which is something I use a lot!”

From the webinar, Gail was able to locate where Opportunity Zone properties were located, and present them to prospective clients. By combining her newfound OZ knowledge with RPR Mailing Labels, which she already knew about, she was able to orchestrate a targeted direct mail campaign.

“I sent letters out to my farm area and I received an immediate response back from one of the owners.” Gail goes on to say this about RPR: “It makes me look good, I utilize as much of the resources whenever possible, and most importantly, RPR is helping me grow my business.”

Two “Wow Moments” for one

Great story, Gail. However, she’s only getting started. What’s better than one RPR “Wow Moment”? One more!

“This just happened to me last week. I have an out of town prospective buyer, they’re in the process of moving from one state to another. I’ve been sending them little bits of feedback and information here and there. But then, I sent them an RPR Market Activity Report. And needless to say, they were very impressed!

Pro Tip

Market Activity Reports provide a snapshot of the changes in a local real estate market based on listing information and MLS data, and they include samples of active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties.

“Their response? ‘Hello Gail, the email you sent us was very impressive information. Thanks for taking us to the next level.’ Now I’m going to follow up by sending them the map of Opportunity Zones properties to help them see the area and how beneficial it could be to them. They’re chewing on all the information, but I’m confident we’re going to work out a deal.”

Congrats, Gail! What does she think about other features, such as the Neighborhood Reports, Property Reports, and CMAs she creates in RPR? “It’s so easy and quick to create materials. They’re very user friendly and yet, still have a lot of detail. It’s all so professional-looking, and with my branding on it. RPR is my go-to for just about everything.”

Start Using RPR Today

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