REALTOR® Feedback Guides RPR’s new Refreshed Look and Functionality

It’s finally here! RPR is excited to launch a completely revamped version of its website. An upgraded and improved version to help you “wow” your clients and close more deals.

The new RPR is cleaner, simpler, and offers users a more overall intuitive experience. It’s also been reorganized to help you find your most-used features and saved items.

You Asked—We Listened

Why does the platform look and perform this way? Because you asked for it! That’s right, the latest version of RPR is a direct result of your feedback. Months of focus groups and one-on-one user studies provided us a blueprint to rebuild RPR to be more tailored to your most-used features. It’s more powerful, more flexible and more… you.

Reorganized, redesigned and refreshed for your success.

We’re really excited to share the new version with you! It offers the same robust data, tools and reports REALTORS® expect, but with several improvements and new features, including:

A cleaner look and feel

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the overall look and feel. Fresh, crisp, inviting! Just a few of the terms that some of our users have used to describe the new RPR layout. It offers users an overall cleaner interface with more white space. It’s also 30% wider with bigger fonts and larger images.


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RPR: Refreshed, Redesigned and Rebuilt for REALTORS®

Search all properties from one spot

This one’s a biggie. You now have the ability to search residential and commercial properties from one search bar area. Just toggle between “Residential” and “Commercial” and the search settings change accordingly. (We’ve eliminated the “Commercial” site, which means less clicks and less confusion.) It also further solidifies RPR as the only residential and commercial site exclusively for REALTORS®.

A user-centric homepage

The new site was redesigned with one REALTOR® in mind—you. The more user-centric homepage was retooled for productivity, with your regular routine in mind. Rethought and rebuilt for efficiency, the new homepage offers “Shortcuts” to tools and features, and personalized “My Market” areas with quick access to property info. Simply put, users can now get more done with less clicks!

Powerful and flexible search results

The data available in the search results has been organized in a more logical and visual pleasing way. Users can now scan properties in multiple views, including List view, Photo view, and Map view. This customizable viewing option allows you to display your search results in a format most conducive to your needs.

Working with a client who is looking for a specific style of home? Click Photo view. Want to compare property facts directly from the results view (or print it)? Let List view sort it all down to the grid that emphasizes text. And the map-based version of search results allows you to consume the data the way you want to consume it.

So many map pins, so little time

Map searches are now easier, faster, and more intuitive for all of your property research and exploring needs. Map junkies will surely appreciate how RPR has tamed the chaos of the previous maps, without losing any content. The data layer functions are a big improvement and will only get better as we roll out even more updates throughout the year.

Get up to speed and down to business

Getting in and taking the new website for a spin is highly encouraged, but it’s not the only way to learn the new RPR. We have multiple training and educational sessions to get you up to speed on all the updated changes and features.

Experience the new RPR now

So… what are you waiting for? Jump in and check out all the new bells and whistles for yourself. The latest “refreshed” version of the RPR website is now live at

We hope that our users will love it. It’s simplified and reorganized with a razor-like focus on new and productive ways to use the platform. You’ve asked for an easier and more streamlined way to find your items, past searches and saved properties. RPR has listened and learned, and with this new update, we’re confident that we’ve delivered on that and much more. One final thought…

“Changes aren’t permanent… but change is.”

Okay, we know change can be a tough adjustment. And that getting used to a new version of something can be a hurdle, especially if you were used to and liked the previous version.

However, please try the new version out and give yourself some time to get a feel for it. And of course, let us know in the comments what you think. As always, we appreciate feedback from REALTORS®. Good luck, have fun exploring the site, and thanks for using RPR.

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  1. Cole March 2, 2021 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    new layout is horrendous, have to go back to the search page to do a new search every time when previously you could do this from any page, website operates slowly – clearly can’t handle its own features, map view has become almost unusable as properties now crowd each other so closely that you can’t even see the map, additionally, the map opening in a pop-up window is such a bad design from a UI standpoint I don’t even know where to begin, I’ve used RPR every day for like 3 years straight and at this point I’m looking for alternatives that are far more user friendly

    • Reggie Nicolay March 2, 2021 at 2:30 pm - Reply

      Hi Cole, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Regarding the performance you mentioned, it is our highest priority to resolve these issues quickly. As for your experience with the map, you mention pop-up, so I’m assuming you are on the property details page and selecting the map. Have you tried the Map Search? I really think you’ll like this interface. Here is a quick video:

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