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If you’re an RPR blog regular reader (thank you!) we don’t have to tell you that this is the place to get helpful, up-to-date information on RPR features and best practices. All things geared to help make your life easier and your bottom line more robust.

However, we don’t just toot our own horn. Sometimes we discover a product or service that we’re so impressed with, that we simply have to share it with our regular users so they can take full advantage of the opportunities that it presents.

Today that service is Curbio, a company that was on our radar before they won the NAR iOi Summit Pitch Battle. And the best part is that the Curbio concept works in conjunction with RPR to help you and your clients sell for more. Curbio curious? Read on…

What Is Curbio?

Curbio enables owners to “flip” their own home. They help REALTORS® and their clients renovate the home before listing, so they can sell it quickly and for the best possible price. As a company, Curbio recognizes that almost 3 out of 4 buyers want turnkey, move-in ready homes that are updated with current/modern/functional design. Many sellers and agents also know this, but oftentimes a seller can’t afford the money to pay for renovations or simply doesn’t want the hassle of putting money into something they’re leaving behind.

With Curbio, the funds to pay for the upgrades come out of the seller proceeds. No out of pocket costs for the owner, and the ability to list for a higher price and in some cases, recoup more than they paid.

It’s a financial real estate concept that is catching on and gaining a ton of traction in the industry. And why not? The seller doesn’t pay a dime until closing and the REALTOR® lists and sells the home at a higher price and with less days on market. Their tagline says it all: “Renovate first, sell for more, pay at closing.”

In addition, Curbio has strategic partnerships with tradespeople, suppliers, contractors and design teams to streamline every renovation to eliminate every roadblock to help REALTORS® and the home seller unlock the profit potential in every home. They handle everything from beginning to end, with a focus on quality, speed to market and return-on-investment.

The RPR/Curbio Connection

One of the many advantages RPR offers REALTORS® is the ability to accurately price a home for sale. The RVM® (Realtor Valuation Model®) is one of the best and most accurate AVMs in the business. It takes MLS data into account in producing the home value estimate. It can be used, along with your expertise in physically evaluating the home and local market knowledge, to create a CMA and to recommend a final listing price.

Where Curbio and RPR come together is the RPR Refine Value Tool, which is part of the RVM. This lesser-known resource allows REALTORS® to determine the value of a home-based on property characteristics and home improvements made (or not made). This tool can help sellers determine whether remodeling is worth the investment. Watch this short video to see how the Refine Value Tool works.

For example, let’s say you and your clients decide to make some presale improvements. The RPR Refine Value Tool lets you choose via a slider menu, some of the most popular home remodels and improvements, and estimates how much you can expect to get back on your investment. (Check out this recent write up from NAR on home improvement resale benefits.) The RPR Refine Value Tool lets you and your client make an informed decision about whether a renovation, and what kind, makes the most sense for your seller’s situation. Once this is determined, partnering with Curbio can make it a pain-free process with no upfront costs to the seller.

Together, Curbio and RPR’s Refine Value Tool help your clients make informed decisions about making presale home improvements. The Curbio team handles every last detail of home renovations and the seller’s cost comes after the sale; while RPR’s Refine Value Tool lets you drill down and see what types of upgrades make the most sense.

Visit Curbio’s website today to learn more, including a short video, and see for yourself how REALTORS® are using this innovative service to help their clients sell for more.

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