RPR Mobile App Delivers Worldwide Wows

Sidika Kilic, a REALTOR® from Irvine, CA never leaves home without RPR; her go-to real estate tool. “I love using the RPR application, just as much as the website version. I have other apps that I like too, such as CRMLS and MLS Touch. But those are very localized. I can use RPR anywhere in the country—even around the world!” Read on to hear Sidika’s worldwide RPR “wow” moment…

Use RPR Mobile to Send Your Clients Data in Minutes, From Anywhere

“Syd”, as her friends and clients call her, has been a residential agent for seventeen years. Last year she had to go to Europe to deal with some family business (back when we could all travel internationally). And there she discovered a pleasant surprise: her trusty RPR app was a global tool she could count on for results.

“I’m sitting at Charles De Gaulle airport in France, waiting for my flight back to the U.S. My client back home starts texting me and asking me what the current activity around her property was. She wanted to know what date a similar property was sold, and how much did the current buyer pay for it. I could tell that she was trying to see if she was still within the comparable market as things were changing quickly.”

Syd explains that she opened the RPR app on her phone and immediately found the information her client was looking for. “I was able to text her everything she asked for in minutes. I didn’t even try other apps because they don’t work outside of the U.S. I was on the other side of the world, in a vastly different timezone, and I didn’t miss a beat with my client. That aspect of RPR really surprised and impressed me.”

RPR is Easy to Learn

RPR’s worldwide functionality isn’t all that impresses Syd. “This app does not require knowledge of big technology. You don’t have to be a tech whiz or anything. It’s very easy to use.”

She really appreciates the fact that the RPR Mobile app and the website platform are totally in-sync. “Whatever I do or save in the app, it updates on the computer. And vice versa, it’s just so convenient.”

What else does Syd love about RPR? “I like the ability to share my Market Activity Reports to Facebook. And I recently attended an RPR class that was all about how to do Facebook Lead Ads. I learned so much and it was easy to follow! Anytime RPR has a webinar or educational class in a subject that interests me, I always sign up and I always learn a new skill.”

Thanks for the shout out, Syd! At RPR, we really value getting feedback from our users. It helps us understand how RPR works in your world and it reveals the needs of our users. Which in turn, influences and drives new features that we’re constantly working on.

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