3 Tips to Use RPR® as Your Instant Connection with Online Leads

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Maybe you don’t—but if it could result in building your business and referral pipeline, 5 minutes could have some big return on investment.

You’ve tried online lead generators in the past or currently subscribe to a service and are ambivalent about the value it brings to your business. Truth be told, used wisely, online leads are worth their weight in gold. And with RPR at your side, tapping into a lead generation service’s full potential has never been easier.

Tip #1 | Connect while the window is open.

Here’s a familiar scene. You’re on the road and you get a text with a lead notification. Then what? You want to capture the lead with a quick response but you’ll probably need to head back to the office to actually give the lead the attention needed (look up the property, neighborhood, and schools, etc.) to even come close to potentially connecting with the lead.

But let’s be honest, you are probably out with a client or headed to a listing appointment and aren’t about to head back to the office for an online lead. Essentially, the opportunity to capture the lead is gone before you even knew about it.

With RPR Mobile™, you can pull up the property listing, run a customized report branded with your name and contact information, and send a response—within 5 minutes of receiving the lead.

Tip #2 | Take your communications to the next level, and impress your prospects.

The key is to have your method set, so that you don’t reinvent the wheel every time you get a lead notification. Expedite your response time by creating templated emails, saved in draft form, and bookmarking important websites like whitepages.com/reverse_phone. Doing so will help when you need to quickly look up background information for your inquiring client.

Set yourself apart from the competition by using specifics in the email you are going to reply with. The attention to detail provided by your RPR reports (such as the Mini Property and Neighborhood Report), paired with some basic questions (ask how their search is going or offer assistance with obtaining additional information) leaves a lasting impression and prompts a response from the lead.

Tip #3 | Pick up the phone.

Picking up the phone is probably one of the quickest ways to connect with a potential client. Once you’ve sent your introduction via email, follow-up over the phone. This way you won’t need to be afraid of over-selling yourself, and you can cut right to the chase. But make sure you take the time to listen—be brief, yet polite, but listen. The follow-up call is your opportunity to solidify the value you offer and build rapport with your lead. By asking the right questions and listening to whatever the potential client has to share can give you vital insight on your next steps.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it—Dale Chumbley, seasoned agent and REALTOR®, shared in this MyRPR video how he utilizes RPR Mobile™ to instantly connect with his online leads.

Get started with RPR Mobile™ and start connecting before your window of opportunity closes!

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