Engagement Study Reveals Views of 100+ Associations & MLSs

An August 2021 survey of more 117 Association and MLS staff members reveals interesting insights as to how deeply industry partners have integrated RPR products and services into their corporate cultures, and the perceived value of each.

In total, the Association and MLS Engagement Study measured five key performance indicators:

  1. Familiarity with the RPR platform.
  2. Knowledge of RPR’s shareable content program.
  3. Perceptions of the value of RPR integrations.
  4. Understanding of RPR data share options.
  5. Assimilation of RPR into outreach efforts.

Chief findings include:

1Association and MLS staff members are highly knowledgeable when it comes to how the RPR platform works and what it can do for REALTORS® everywhere.

More than 80% of survey respondents claim to have a familiar-to-expert level knowledge of RPR. The data supports an important correlation between how well Association and MLS staff know the ins-and-outs of the data platform in relation to how frequently they educate members/subscribers on its value. The higher the level of familiarity with RPR, the more likely they are to share educational and editorial content.

2 RPR’s Tips & Tools earns high marks for shareable, relevant content.

Nearly 70% of respondents claim the editorial content provided in Tips & Tools is easy to copy/paste. The remaining 29% are neutral. More than 75% like the newsletter’s design and format; 24% are neutral. Zero respondents reported any difficulties or issues regarding the program.

Those who reported sharing RPR content with members do so through newsletters (39%), social media (32%), and websites (18%). Those who claimed they did not share, also reported a very limited knowledge of the RPR platform.

3 MLS/RPR integrations provide on-the-spot access to data and reports REALTORS® need to succeed.

More than 90% of MLS respondents with RPR deep link integrations find them “useful to extremely useful.” Slightly more than 25% expressed interest in adding more integrations.

4 Embracing data share options through RPR View.

Exactly 50% of MLSs surveyed find value in displaying on-market listings with all REALTORS® through RPR. Nearly 30% are unsure of their position and would like to learn more.

5 A high number of Associations and MLSs include RPR on their websites.

A prominent RPR position on partner websites continues to be a significant contributor to helping members maximize the data platform’s tools and training opportunities.

About 60% of respondents have a dedicated RPR presence on their respective websites, primarily under “Tech Tools” (88%), “Member Resources” (75%), and “Training” and “Member Benefits” (both at 63%).

Recently, RPR released a co-branded web page to help Associations and MLSs grant members easy access to the platform’s webinars and video tutorials. Learn more.

Please contact our Industry Relations team for more on how to leverage RPR to the benefit of your members, and at no cost.

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