Discover how to Unearth Tenant Data with RPR Commercial

Are you a commercial practitioner looking to find the perfect property for your clients? Do you want accurate and up-to-date tenant data to make sure the building is a good fit for their needs?

Detailed tenant data is available within RPR, provided by SMR Research, to help you understand the best fit for your clients.

To access it, simply visit the Property Details page of a property. You will see the tenants of the commercial property, as well as detailed data about those tenants, including tenant name, contact person, phone number, suite number, move-in date, type of business and business start date.

RPR Commercial: the data you need to get deals done

You also have the flexibility to edit, add or print tenant data. So, if you have any additional tenant information you would like to record for your own use, you can now do so with ease.

Don’t waste time trying to dig through commercial property data! Get detailed tenant information with ease and make sure you have the best chance of finding the perfect fit for your clients. Visit the details page of commercial property now to access this data!

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