Use RPR Data to Create Content That Converts

Last month, we discussed script starters for dealing with client pushback. This month, we’re focusing on stopping–as in scroll-stopping content!

We’re talking about posts, images, text and video that make a prospect stop the upward swipe and go, “Wow, what’s this!?”

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, creating content that captures attention is crucial for success. With endless streams of information on social media and real estate platforms, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. That’s where RPR (Realtors Property Resource) can really help.

RPR provides a wealth of data and tools that can help you craft compelling content that attracts potential clients and boosts engagement. Here’s how…

Hyper-local market expertise

RPR’s Shareable Market Trends are your ticket to providing your sphere with hyper-local stats, charts and graphs. And when we say “hyper,” we mean drilling down to ZIP codes and neighborhood names for the ultimate in local market metrics.

Simply log in to RPR, find Research in the main navigation bar, then select Residential Market Trends. From there, conduct a search by entering in a ZIP code or neighborhood name, (you can also choose towns, cities and counties). You’ll then be presented with the most recent market trends stats for that area, including telling numbers such as Months of Inventory, List to Sold Price %, Median Days in RPR and Median Price.

In the upper right, just above the map, you’ll see a button labeled “Share.” Now with just a click, you can share this sharp-looking collection of stats to social media channels such as Facebook, X (Twitter) or LinkedIn. Or click “More” to create or JPG or PNG to upload to Instagram.

This type of visual, with its collection of hyper-local market information, will stop a curious homeowner or potential home buyer in their tracks.

The Market Trends ScriptWriter

Now we’ll take things a step further. Use the same path as above, but instead of “Share,” hit the “Create Script” button to its left.

Welcome to the RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter tool! This AI-powered resource is yours to use for free, as many times as you want. By pushing the button, you will take the area you’ve just conducted a search for, and those market metrics will be imported into the ScriptWriter.

From there, choose your tone (Professional, Engaging, Conversational) and audience (Buyers, Sellers, or both). Next, you get to choose what type of content you’d like to create: a Video Script, Social Media posts, or Analyzing Metrics (this takes the hyper-local market numbers and creates “market explainer” copy, where each metric is broken down and how they all work together is explained).

In seconds you can create compelling copy, market explainers and stories with an assist from RPR. What can you do with the copy and scripts? The possibilities are almost endless: create actual videos from the scripts (it even includes video direction), quick or long form social media posts, complete with emojis 🤩, pull copy and headlines for tweets and blog posts, or post copy to go along with your Market Trends charts and graphs that you’ve shared.

Use RPR’s Shareable Market Trends and the Market Trends ScriptWriter to create memorable, scroll-stopping posts!

Create engaging Market Reports

One of the most effective ways to capture the interest of potential buyers and sellers is through detailed RPR Market Activity reports. These easy-to-generate reports include data on recent sales, active listings and price changes. These reports can be customized to highlight specific neighborhoods or property types, making them highly relevant to the target audience.

By presenting this data in a clear, visually appealing format, REALTORS® can create posts and infographics that provide valuable insights into the local market. For instance, a post comparing the average home prices in different neighborhoods or showing trends over the past year can attract attention and establish your footing as a local market expert.

Utilizing Property-Specific Data

Every property has a story, and RPR provides compelling details to tell it. With access to in-depth property information, including historical data, tax assessments and school district ratings, REALTORS® can create detailed property profiles that stand out. High-quality images, combined with interesting facts and figures, can turn a regular listing into an eyeball-grabbing piece of content.

Highlighting Neighborhood Insights

Neighborhoods play a crucial role in homebuyer’s decision-making processes. RPR offers detailed neighborhood data, including housing facts and stats, population trends, economic statistics, and quality of life metrics. REALTORS® can use this information to create engaging content highlighting different areas and their unique features and benefits.

A blog post or social media update showcasing the top-rated schools, nearby amenities and community events in a neighborhood can be particularly effective. By providing this valuable information, REALTORS® can help potential buyers envision themselves living in the area, making their content more engaging and shareable.

Fuel Your Content Marketing

In the ultra-competitive field of residential real estate, especially with market fluctuations, interest rate changes and daily economic forecasts, creating attention-getting content is vital for engaging your prospects.

Bottom line: you should be using RPR to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

RPR provides REALTORS® with data, tools and instruction on how to create engaging, informative and visually appealing content. We make it easy with pre-designed Canva templates, an AI ScriptWriter and access to hyper-local market data that you can share with a button tap.

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