5 simple steps to share your RPR Market Activity Report on Facebook

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use your next Market Activity report to earn new business through Facebook.

RPR Expands Commercial Focus in 2019

In the coming year, RPR will improve its commercial resources by expanded commercial data licensing, implementing commercial product integrations and strengthening strategic outreach programs with commercial brokers and franchisors.
Ten Best Apps for REALTORS® in 2019

10 Real Estate Apps That Will Amplify Your Productivity

Business apps play an important role in many service industries, especially real estate. Utilized correctly, they can save you time and increase your productivity. Here’s RPR’s top ten real estate apps for 2019.

10 Remarkable Features of the RPR App That Will Increase Your Productivity

RPR gives REALTORS® the data, tools and reports they need to stand out and be more successful. Discover and put to use these 10 hidden features and shortcuts: consider them the “secret menu” of navigating the RPR app.

Searching for Signals in the Noisy World of Commercial Real Estate

Emerging market trends are always a popular topic, especially in commercial real estate. The ability to forecast and analyze industry data plays an important role in preparing for what’s next. This month we look at what industry experts are seeing and how Realtors® can use RPR Commercial to identify opportunities locally and capitalize on those trends.

Broker/Owner Incorporates RPR Into Every Aspect of his Thriving Business

Meet Neal Oates, Jr., a REALTOR® Broker/Owner who trains all of his team members on using RPR and implements its use into every aspect of his growing business. Watch Neal explain how RPR allows his agents to respond in “seconds” and how the RPR app and platform “wows” potential and existing clients.

Piecing Together a Commercial Market

When it comes to commercial real estate, REALTORS® need access to accurate and reliable data. At RPR, we only work with the top data providers in the commercial space and are constantly researching new ones to ensure REALTORS® have the best data at their fingertips.

RPR Reports: A Member’s New Best Friend

If you’re a new NAR member, there’s something you should know: you have exclusive access to Realtors Property Resource. RPR is the nation’s largest real estate database, and gives you tools and reports that will elevate your agent skills and help you stand out from your competitors.

New RPR Videos Help Agents Learn At Their Own Pace

RPR’s new video learning series is a self-paced introductory course that will educate and empower REALTORS®. Comprised of seven short videos and accompanying quick start guides, this series shows how the implementation of RPR data and tools can lead to an agent’s success.

RPR’s 19 in ‘19: Everything You’ll Need to Succeed in 2019

Here’s a handy checklist of nineteen RPR things to know and explore. Whether you’re a brand new agent or a seasoned vet, there’s something here for everyone to discover and implement.

Is Commercial an Untapped Growth Opportunity for Your MLS?

If you’re looking to improve the MLS experience for members who work with the occasional commercial client, RPR and NAR has your back. We can answer your questions or even help you brainstorm about your MLS or Association expanding into commercial real estate.

Introducing the New Getting Started eBook Series

Now is a great time to take your RPR knowledge to the next level by checking out these new eBooks. The new Getting Started series of ebooks will introduce you to the many facets and features of RPR.

How to Create a Market Activity Report for any Neighborhood

When your clients or prospects are interested in tracking a neighborhood's activity, the RPR Market Activity report is an ideal option. First, it’s flexible and can be generated on any geography, even areas drawn using the RPR map. And the report itself includes changes in a local real estate market based on listing information and MLS data.

Create Compelling Listing Presentations With Tools from RPR.

As a real estate professional, your listing presentation is one of the most important pieces of communication you can share with potential clients. It’s your resume, a capabilities brochure and a first impression all rolled into one.

Realtors Property Resource® Sees Record 2018 Engagement

As of December 31, 2018, engagement with RPR among NAR members soared to a record 14.7 million sessions—a notable 29.5 percent increase from 2017. Throughout 2018, Realtors® spent more than 100 million minutes researching properties and creating reports for consumers using the RPR platform.