Learn RPR—a commercial practitioner’s secret weapon.

From searching on- and off-market properties, lifestyle and behavior data, investment analysis, and site selection tools, RPR is a property data resource that can elevate every facet of your commercial real estate business.

RPR: For every facet of your real estate business…


Data and listings in one spot

RPR Commercial makes it possible for users to see on-market and off-market properties in one place—no matter which listing partner they use. RPR’s partnerships with Brevitas, BiProxi, CREXi, Land Broker MLS, Officespace.com and TotalCommercial.com let you search more than one million active commercial listings and fifty-five million off-market properties around the country.

Consumer demographics and behavioral data

RPR provides commercial analysis based on demographic and consumer spending indicators. Powered by industry-leading data partners, you can search for consumers in a defined area and drill down to demographic variables such as age, gender, income, and much more. Plus, you can also see how much money they spend and where.

Opportunity Zones, POIs and more…

REALTORS® can use the map interface on RPR’s website to analyze and search for properties within the 8,700 U.S. Opportunity Zones. Users can also use maps to reveal points of interest (POIs) which can aid in property management, finding desirable business locations, discovering hospitality needs within a defined area, and much more.

Colorful, client-friendly reports

Reports are RPR’s bread and butter. Commercial reports offer a complete look at a property, including detailed information, photos, history and listing activity. Trade Area reports provided a summary of an area’s demographics and economics. Best Business reports reveal scarcities and saturation; what types of businesses consumers are looking for and leaving an area for.

Your anytime, anywhere access

RPR Mobile lets you tap into RPR’s data, tools and reports anywhere there’s a signal. Which means you can work anywhere and send key data to clients instantly. Use your smart phone or tablet to search on- and off-market properties, research a property, run an investment analysis and pull trade area data.

Built to help you share property and market info with clients.

Research properties, create reports, and answer client questions—all within minutes.