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  • How can you get started using ChatGPT? RPR makes it easy and applicable to real estate! Take this free class to learn more… rpr.me/script-webinar

  • The AI bots bust out some pretty good marketing copy for you… but here’s how to make it your own. rpr.me/brand-scriptwriter

  • Download the RPR app to stack your tech stack! It can have an immediate effect on your response times, skill-building and your bottom line. rpr.me/rpr-app

  • Data is important, but it can also be dull! RPR spruces things up in its Commercial Trade Area presentation of data and demographics…rpr.me/trade-area-update

  • Want to help your clients and prospects zero-in on their purchasing power? The RPR app now offers two new tools: the Equity and Mortgage Calculators. rpr.me/equity-mortgage

  • 2023 has been quite a year for RPR (Realtors Property Resource). Guest (and host!) Reggie Nicolay discusses all the new and upgraded features and tools… rpr.me/decoding-ep13
  • Data drives, predicts and offers insight into commercial decision making–and RPR Commercial is steeped in it. rpr.me/decision-making
  • This webinar lineup is so good… it’s scary! Check out the full slate of RPR October class offerings now… rpr.me/webinars

  • In the field? In the wild? Stay in the loop with the RPR app. This class shows you to use RPR Mobile™ to its fullest and to your advantage. rpr.me/mobile-webinar

  • Learn new skills. Build your commercial expertise. Get the tools you need to succeed! Sign up now for RPR’s free commercial webinar. rpr.me/intro-commercial

  • As kids go back to school, you can earn some extra credit with their parents by conducting quick and accurate school searches in the RPR Mobile™ app. rpr.me/back-to-school

  • Data is not a replacement for conversations, but a tool to enrich them! And RPR (Realtors Property Resource®) gives you access to a plethora of market data points. rpr.me/market-uncertainty

  • Need some pointers on your social media presence? Tune in to hear Tamany Hall, a real estate social media expert, offer them up one after another… rpr.me/decoding-ep12

  • Break the ice with potential clients by breaking into video… How to use RPR to make video CMAs. rpr.me/video-cma

  • The RPR Site Selection tool helps agents use local economic data to find promising business sites. But now it’s being used to help local governments make better economic decisions. rpr.me/econ-dev
  • This “Intro To” class will help you unlock all of the potential available in RPR. Save your seat today… rpr.me/new-to-rpr
  • RPR takes the biggest and best commercial data partners and puts them all in place to help you succeed. See the list for yourself… rpr.me/commdata

  • RPR’s new eBooks are ready to download! Learn how to master your messaging, your marketing and your market with this nine-book in-depth series.

  • Congrats to the winners of RPR’s “How’s The Market” Video Contest! Watch the winning videos and read all about the REALTORS® who created them.

  • When a fresh, hot cookie franchise needed help determining where to set up shop, this agent used RPR Commercial Site Selection tools to deliver the goods. rpr.me/crumbl-cookies

  • Data partners that power commercial business decisions and recommendations... rpr.me/commdata
  • In this webinar, we will show you how to:

    • Access market trends and housing charts
    • Share important statistics with clients and customers on social media
    • Utilize Canva to create eye catching graphics for local markets
  • You’ve probably heard a lot about AI ChatGPT for real estate. Listen as the Decoding crew chats with Katie Lance about its potential and limitations… rpr.me/decoding-ep11
  • The RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter is easy and quick to use, but we’re still going to walk you through the process for the best experience possible… rpr.me/scriptwriter-guide
  • Tackle content hurdles and data fatigue with RPR's AI-Powered Market Trends ScriptWriter, simplifying the market update process. https://rpr.me/scriptwriter
  • Overcome creative blocks and data overload with RPR's AI-Powered Market Trends ScriptWriter, streamlining market update creation. https://rpr.me/scriptwriter

  • How’s that resolution of finding new leads going? Get some prospecting help from RPR! Sign up for this free webinar today. rpr.me/prospect-webinar

    Your commercial clients count on your expert guidance. Give it to them by learning how to use RPR Commercial Maps, such as the Draw and Driving tools. rpr.me/com-map-tools

  • As the housing market cools, property pricing skills are in high demand. RPR expert trainers show you how to do it… rpr.me/cma-webinar

  • Keep your clients and prospects in the know and in the loop when it comes to current market trends. We’ll show you how… rpr.me/market-data