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  • Join this special webinar and tap into the power of RPR's Shareable Market Trends. rpr.me/trends-webinar
  • Multi-family investment properties can make sound financial sense. Learn how to prospect for buildings and owner info by using RPR Commercial.
  • Create a 30-second or longer, market analysis video that includes at least one chart or graph from RPR's Market Trends to enter the contest. Details and submission form can be at blog.narrpr.com/contest.

  • Our new Shareable Market Trends offer a comprehensive overview of the local real estate landscape. And they’re super easy to share! rpr.me/market-trends

  • As a REALTOR® you want to share your real estate acumen and your dynamic personality with potential clients. And now, you can also share local market data and stats to go with them. rpr.me/market-trends

  • Leverage RPR's Shareable Market Trends to excel in listing presentations, buyer/seller guides, social media, videos, webinars, and print marketing. rpr.me/mtrends-ebooks

  • No foolin’! April is packed with real estate skill-building opportunities thanks to a month-long slate of free webinars from RPR… rpr.me/webinars

  • Multi-family is big business… crunch the numbers and see if they add up with RPR and Valuate’s® back of the envelope assessments. rpr.me/multifamroi

  • How can you use video marketing on YouTube as a real estate agent? Best selling author Karin Carr joins Decoding Real Estate and explains how to get started. rpr.me/decoding-ep9

  • There must be 50 ways… RPR can help you be more efficient, productive and successful. rpr.me/50-ways
  • Introducing RPR Mobile's Market Trends charts & graphs! Now access Market Trends & Housing Stats on-the-go and keep your clients informed about local market dynamics.