Make DIY Marketing Campaigns a Reality With RPR

As a REALTOR®–a self-employed entrepreneur and small business owner–you probably don’t have a huge marketing budget.

However, as an individual real estate agent, you need to be a master of self-promotion. You need to stretch your budget as far as possible, and take advantage of no-cost resources at every step. And RPR, Realtors Property Resource, is here to help you do it!

In fact, with RPR you can create all kinds of marketing materials, including digital and printed items, that are jammed with local market insight. And you can produce them in very little time, at no additional cost.

This article is how RPR can be your all-in-one, in-house marketing agency, by utilizing:

  • Shareable Market Trends
  • Market Trends ScriptWriter
  • Canva templates
  • Mailing labels

RPR: your one-stop-shop for creating market update materials

To successfully reach your targets with your message, you don’t need to hire a full-service marketing team. And you don’t need to exhaust yourself toiling away for hours trying to conduct research, write copy, design layouts and create content.

What you need is a trustworthy source that offers up-to-date, hyper-local market statistics. A place to easily view market data to spot trends and gather insight. And a place that offers tools and templates that can help you build marketing materials that convey these market stats to your clients and prospects. That place is RPR!

Residential Market Trends

The first place you need to go is RPR’s Residential Market Trends. Once you’re logged into the site, click Research in the upper navigation bar, and then select Residential Market Trends. Check out this link for a special guided tour of how to use this tool.

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog, we know we’re in broken record territory when it comes to how much we emphasize the RPR Market Trends. Well–it’s because they’re important!

Shareable Market Trends contain vital market information such as the Market Trends Indicator with key details on Month’s Supply of Inventory, List to Sold Price Percentage, Median Days in RPR and Median Sold Price. Conduct a search as macro as a county, or drill down to ZIP codes and neighborhood names to define your area. (Note: To ensure that you’re providing the most up-to-date Market Trends information, try gathering Market Trends data at or around the 7th of each month.)

You’ll get an up-to-date snapshot of a local market and be able to point out key metrics that can really help position you as a source of truth in all types of real estate marketing. By keeping tabs on your market on a monthly basis, you can establish yourself as a trusted, local market expert.

And you can easily communicate these points with the…

RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter

Again, we’re beating that Market Trends drum!

With the AI-powered Market Trends ScriptWriter, you take your local market search, then you get to tap a very powerful button: “Create Script”!

Make your audience, tone and category selections, and you’re almost instantly provided with personalized video scripts, engaging social media content and detailed metrics analysis. Even better, you can take the text that is churned out for these categories and easily repurpose it for other types of marketing communications.

For example, take out parts of the video script and use that copy to create headlines and bullet points for social posts, emails, digital ads, postcards and mailers, or even print ads. Just make sure you remove all the video direction text and all the first person language. You can do the exact same thing for the social media posts: take out the emojis and use the copy to create marketing messages!

Also, be sure to add your own brand voice into any messaging you create or version from the Market Trends ScriptWriter tool. Check out this article for more on that: How to add Your Brand Voice to RPR’s Market Trends ScriptWriter.

Now that you’ve got the words, it’s time to create some visuals…

Free Canva templates from RPR

Now that you have some local market insight to share, including charts, stats, graphs and text, you need to deliver that information in an eye-pleasing layout. And RPR makes it super easy with our pre-designed Canva templates.

What is Canva? Canva is a web-based tool designed to help you build graphics for social media, presentations, brochures and more. They also provide thousands of preset layouts that can be adapted, or you can start your design from scratch. And they offer a free plan that will get you started. RPR has taken the Canva layouts and made an entire collection of templates that you can customize and fill in with your local market stats and info.

To get started, visit the “Canva Templates” section of the RPR blog. Here you’ll find everything you need to quickly create digital graphics for a market update. Just pick a design that catches your eye, and start dropping in your market numbers and your contact information, etc. Keep in mind, you will need to create a Canva account, but it’s pretty painless and there’s a free version that lets you use all of the RPR-created templates. You can always upgrade your account with Canva if you want to get more advanced in your designs and layouts.

Click here to attend a special RPR webinar on creating Canva materials for your marketing efforts.

You can use these visual graphics digitally, for social media posts, ads, emails and on websites. Or you can print them out as flyers or postcards (postcard layouts are an option in the Canva section of the blog), and deliver them the old fashioned way…

RPR Mailing labels

Now that you have the materials and a message, you need to deliver it! Of course, for digital items you simply upload and/or post. But many agents find that direct mail continues to play a crucial role in marketing outreach in competitive markets. And RPR is a perfect way to do it!

With the RPR Mailing Labels feature, you can create up to 2,000 mailing labels per month–for free! Use them for actual label printing at home, or export the owner information from your RPR search results into a CSV list and hand them off to your local printer.

These ready-to-print mailing labels are perfect for farming, prospecting or direct mail marketing within custom geographies. Here’s how:

  • Conduct an area search, then use filters to narrow it down or use a previously saved area, such as a farm area
  • Sort your results using the “List View” and click “Mailing Labels” once you have the right number of addresses
  • A pop-up window appears; then choose your label type or a CSV file
  • Hit “print” and remember, you have 2,000 EACH MONTH to use

Use RPR to research, craft and deliver marketing messages

RPR provides REALTORS® with comprehensive data and analysis tools to help them serve their clients more effectively. While RPR is not exactly an in-house ad agency, it does offer a range of services that can be valuable for marketing and self-promotion.

RPR can be instrumental in marketing yourself or your listings. As well as providing conversation-creating local market updates that explain the current market and position you as local market expert. Get in the RPR sandbox and start creating today!

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    Yes, thanks indeed! I’m a Boomer, too… on the tail end (1964). I will definitely learn these tools and I will use them with rigor. I’m looking 👀 forward to the experience! Hoping for some marketing results 🙏😜

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