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  • RPR’s Equity Update is the ultimate lead conversion tool. Tap into RPR and follow these steps to deliver an equity assessment that owners will surely notice.

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    Here’s eight proven methods to prospect for clients. RPR offers agents tips, tech and tools to get the job done right.

  • A REALTOR® combines her positive outlook and RPR data to identify and target a niche prospecting market.

  • Want to build a neighborhood database quickly? RPR gives REALTORS® the ability to export a prospect’s contact information directly to their CRM.

  • Don’t wait for spring, the “selling season” starts now with these four tips from RPR that will get any agent’s 2022 rolling.

  • Travis Thom of Elevated REM discusses how and where real estate agents can start a successful social/digital real estate marketing plan.

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    Your 2022 prospecting plan just got a little easier with these ten tips on how to get started and how to be successful.

  • Finding and impressing new clients is key to any agent’s success. RPR offers up three ways to gain clients now.

  • Finding sellers in a low inventory market is no small feat. RPR offers up some tips and tools to help agents find listings now.

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    To find clients and leads, check out RPR’s new downloadable eBook. This go-to source is an A-Z and everything in between guide to real estate prospecting.

  • Sellers are in high demand and the best way to find them is by farming for prospects through RPR.

  • Real estate blogs help REALTORS® generate leads, but where to start? Here are some basic tips and how you can use RPR in the process.

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    In commercial real estate, generating leads is not always an exact science. However, there is a way to tackle this important, business-building task. RPR offers the ability to search public records to help you identify property owners who may be ripe for cashing in on their investments. RPR will also show you how to make a list and get your message directly to these valuable prospects.

  • Social media has emerged as a lucrative business tool for capturing real estate leads, especially within Facebook. Which is why RPR is offering this detailed, step-by-step guide on how to create Facebook Lead Ads.

  • Right now, most homeowners and potential buyers have several questions about their real estate market. Reach them and make a connection by creating graphic market charts with RPR and Canva. This article shows you step-by-step how to pull it off and how to position yourself as the local real estate expert in your social media circles.

  • With access to 900K+ listings across the country, commercial practitioners can use RPR to find commercial comps to help clients make informed decisions.