RPR Unveils its 2024 Lineup of Free Webinars for REALTORS®

Happy 2024! It’s a New Year, which means new opportunities for real estate agents to bolster their skills and step up their game.

And RPR (Realtors Property Resource) makes it easy! We help REALTORS® learn how to apply RPR to their business and daily workflow. With reports, tools and data from over 166 million properties in the country, RPR can be your “go-to” source for all aspects of your real estate business.

RPR Webinars: live weekly classes on a variety of topics

The expert trainers at RPR conduct live classes every week on a variety of subjects that are all geared to make you more successful in real estate. We make it a breeze to sign up for each class and we always send reminders and follow ups to keep you on track.

Did we mention that our webinars are free?! That’s right, our educational sessions are 100% free of charge, and there’s no upselling, add-ons or premium upgrades.

Just one hour of tips, tools, techniques and how-to’s to help you get ahead and stand out from the competition. Subjects include prospecting, listing presentations, CMAs, property searching, Market Trends stats, AI-powered content creation, commercial real estate, the RPR app and more.

Here’s our lineup for February 2024…

Simply pick a topic, click the link and join us on class day. And please be aware, RPR provides these webinars every week, every month, all year long!

New and noteworthy: brand new webinars from RPR in 2024

Based on attendee feedback, we’re adding some new classes to our roster in 2024. These additions will provide more depth into previously covered topics and offer more opportunities to learn details about popular real estate subjects.

RPR’s Advanced Valuation and CMA Tools

This advanced class will cover the RPR Sales Comparison Analysis which is an advanced, detailed valuation analysis. It is designed for seasoned professionals looking for a more in-depth pricing tool and can be especially useful with hard-to-price homes.

This tool is similar to what appraisers might use when valuing a property. So If you’re looking for a more intricate pricing tool option, this is the class for you.

Tech to Text! The AI-Powered RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter

Technically (see what we did there?), this class debuted in Q3 2023, so it’s not totally new. But it is totally a must-attend webinar!

Learn how to leverage AI tools that are coupled with RPR Market Trends data so you can keep in touch with your sphere of influence.

We’ll walk you through how to search an area, apply the Market Trends ScriptWriter tool, and review how to create a campaign that puts you at the center of the information and solidifies you as the “local market expert.”

RPR used to offer one class that covered all aspects of the RPR Mobile™ app. However, new for 2024, we’re teaching two versions: one for sellers and for buyers.

Deliver Data Without Delay: Serving Buyers with RPR Mobile™

In the buyer-focused session, we’ll show you how to locate and preview properties and quickly send reports to your clients via text or email. After all, clients can’t wait, and neither can you!

On the Go? Stay on Track With Sellers Using RPR Mobile™

For servicing seller clients, we’ll show you how to create a CMA from the app, send seller’s updated market metrics and ensure your clients know you’re ready to serve them at any time, from anywhere.

Make learning a priority in the coming year with webinars from RPR

Sharpening skills and learning new ones is essential to real estate success. Take advantage of these free webinars from RPR to discover new ways to use and apply the RPR platform to your business.

Pick a topic and a date each week or month, and learn with us all year long!

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