Howard Hanna Market Expert Q&A: Scarlett Green and Josh Taylor

In the spring of 2022, RPR’s Broker Services Team put together a special training series for Howard Hanna agents.

To receive their “RPR-Howard Hanna Market Expert” certificates, the agents were required to complete four classes, on four different topics (available in an on-demand video webinar format available to them via the RPR blog). After each session, they were also asked to complete a “homework” assignment to get full credit.

After four lessons and completed “homework”, the agents received their certificate. They were also asked to fill out a survey, where they were asked to “Share Their Story” about their RPR training experience.

In this Q&A, we speak to two RPR Howard Hanna Market Experts about their experiences taking the training, what they learned, and how they plan to apply their new RPR skills to their business.

Scarlet Green

Here’s what Scarlet Green from Allen Tate Realtors, North Carolina had to say about the training sessions:

“I have been using RPR for months now and I love it!! Reasons why: 1) the more you use it, the easier and faster it becomes as the best and latest tool in real estate 2) the simplicity of RPR, user friendly 3) RPR offers so much info that you are able to choose exactly what you want/need so you may customize the reports/info for your client(s) 4) RPR offers material and info that are appropriate for both buyers and sellers! 5) Love having a mobile app that actually works! This app was well planned out and created to be user friendly. I also love that you are able to send the info the way your clients like to receive it; example, by text, email, airdrop, etc. I plan on continuing using RPR and appreciate all those who were involved in creating this. Thank you!”

Scarlet Green, Allen Tate Realtors, North Carolina

Q Hi Scarlett, thanks for joining us. How long have you been in real estate and what area do you specialize in?

Ten years, I’m a residential agent, and I mostly work with sellers. A few buyers here and there…

Q How did you get introduced to RPR?

Another agent in my office uses it. I heard that doorbell “ding”, the sound effect from the reports being generated, and I wanted that! (LAUGHS) I love that doorbell chime of the notification. It’s brilliant. It’s the small things, you know? Then I started using it for doing comps. I love (and hate) doing comps, but RPR makes it easy. You can’t go rogue, the program keeps you right on target. For clients, buying or selling a home is a milestone in life. And they trust us to watch their wallet through the process. I appreciate RPR for helping me create CMAs.

Q In the testimonial you sent us, you mentioned that RPR is simple. Can you give me an example?

Sure, I was messing around in RPR last night… and I started looking into Opportunity Zones. As I started, these little prompts came up and I was able to follow along with the pink boxes. So helpful! It’s a wizard/teacher to help and guide you. It helps me not waste time! Every time you get on RPR you learn something new, and the more you use it, the more knowledge you get for your clients.

Q You also mentioned the RPR app; how do you like using it?

I love it. Whoever came up with it should teach other programmers how to create user friendly tech. I use it in the field all the time, because I can easily pull stuff up. I can instantly send reports and answers to my customers. I have the tech in my hands and it works every time. Tech that works makes me a huge RPR advocate!

QWe love hearing that! What else did you get from the training?

Basically, I felt refreshed about navigating the comps and it gave me more confidence. I now tell other agents that I can’t believe they’re not using RPR. It’s a whole different level of experience in real estate.

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor from Howard Hanna Pennsylvania had this to say about his Market Expert training series:

“I’m a newer agent and still learning and growing everyday. I have really enjoyed this series as an introduction to getting more in-depth with RPR. I have used the research pieces and some of the reports already, but I have many new ideas now. I have learned how to drill down in a much better and more efficient way. I love the micro-neighborhood reports to really have that access to learning about even the smaller neighborhoods in my area. RPR helps me to present my expertise and show clients the knowledge base that I have access to in order to show my value add for them. Thank you for this learning opportunity and I look forward to learning more!”

Josh Taylor, Howard Hanna Pennsylvania

QHow long have you been practicing real estate Josh, and what area do you work in?

Just over a year and a half, and I work in residential.

QHow did you get introduced to RPR?

I had used it on my own a bit, and I was getting monthly emails about the training and webinars from my brokerage, NAR, etc. But I must admit, this Market Expert series was more of an incentive, the certificate was appealing. As a new agent I need help learning CMAs and RPR helps with that in a lot of ways.

QYou mentioned new ideas for using RPR, how are you doing that?

So many! I didn’t know about mailing labels, or how to search neighborhoods and subdivisions for specific owners. It’s great for direct mailings and new listings. Drilling down into neighborhoods and uncovering the demographics, that stuff is really helpful. I like using the neighborhood search and the neighborhood reports. And the maps are great for prospecting. I've used that a few times since the training took place.

QHow does RPR help you in your business?

I like that the CMA has different ways to achieve the goal to get the right pricing. Some info is outdated and you can add updates to the home using the Refine Value tool. That gives me a framework to the price, and then I can pull up really specific values and features, like a pool. The flexibility is controlled, and I get more accurate results using RPR than just my MLS. The other thing I really like is when you print something from RPR, the branding and the cleanliness of the report is important. And that it looks like it comes from me! Having my picture and my information in the reports makes it well branded.

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