10 Apps that boost your real estate marketing firepower

For this year’ awesome apps article, we’ve focused on apps REALTORS® can use to quickly and effectively ramp up their marketing firepower. Some of these apps have been around for awhile, while others are new. Nevertheless, they all provide a unique and polished offering.

One of the most talked about apps recently has to be Instagram’s new longer-form video platform IGTV. Previously Instagram’s videos had a 60-second limit. With IGTV, that limit has been lifted to one hour. With longer-form videos and a new channel option, IGTV seems to be rivaling YouTube. One unique element to IGTV is that videos are all in portrait layout. Ready to build your IGTV channel and start featuring real estate tips, market updates, tours … sky’s the limit? Start by downloading the stand-alone iOS or Android app, or go directly to IGTV via the main Instagram app.

iOS and Android

2. VideoShop

With that new IGTV channel, you’re going to need a go-to app for editing videos on your phone. For me that app is VideoShop, because many advanced features are available with a simple tap. Some highlights include the ability to trim clips, animate text, apply video transitions, add music, create slow-motion, stop-motion and tilt shift videos. To save time, you can save projects and then duplicate for the next project. VideoShop also includes standard sharing directly to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and other social sites.

iOS and Android
Free and Paid (3.99/mo or $59.99/lifetime)

3. MoShow

The next time you want to create a video slideshow from your images, try MoShow. I was really impressed with how easy this app was to use, especially the advanced animations and transitions. The app also includes a variety of laudio options, which really give the videos greater emotion and authenticity. The app would be great for quickly building and sharing slideshows for community events and real estate marketing videos.

iOS and Android
Free and Paid (3.99/mo or $16.99/lifetime)

4. PicMonkey

Having a powerful photo editor app on your phone will come in handy as a productive real estate agent. When you need to promote an open house, celebrate with a buyer who is closing on their new home, or let your network know about your latest listing, don’t wait until your back at your computer. That’s where PicMonkey comes in. Offered in both free and premium versions, the app delivers a well balanced combination between graphic design and photo editing features. Choose to start from a blank canvas or a photo, then add text or effects. Next crop to your needed size, and then share away! The paid version of the app offers online image storage, advanced touch up tools, additional graphics and fonts.

iOS and Android
Free / Basic and Pro versions
($5.99/lifetime (Basic) or $12.99/mo (Pro)

5. Plotaverse

This app will make your social media posts stand out by animating your still image. Tap and drag across the image where you want to see movement, and then draw a mask on the areas that should remain in place. Take your time, zoom in and get the animate, mask and anchor correct, the results can be amazing. Plotoverse also comes with special overlays that give the image extra style. The finished product is an animated photo that’s saved as a video file. The free version does come with a watermark. (Note about Plotaverse: As an iPhone user I looked at the reviews on Android for Plotaverse and they are a stark contrast from iOS. For that reason I’m only recommending the iOS version.)

Basic and Pro versions
($4.99/mo, $19.99/6 mo, $5.99/year)

6. Productive habits & daily goals tracker

Most of us have a good idea of the routines that will lead to success. The challenge becomes implementing and following those routines so the hard work and – focus payoff with consistent success in your real estate business. That’s where Productive Habits & Daily Goals Tracker comes in. The app is built to help you create trackable routines to help motivate you to hit those goals! Do you have a difficult time regularly getting to the gym in the morning? Or how about regular planning for marketing activities, and distraction free time to focus on client outreach and appointment setting? This app will help you build those routines.


7. Pushover

As a REALTOR®, you’re out in the field all the time. It can be challenging to keep track of what’s happening online with your website and social media accounts because many of those notifications are delivered by email—a slow option. Push notifications on the other hand, are a great way of getting micro updates quickly delivered in a noticeable way. But not everything is available by way of push notification. In those cases, I recommend Pushover, a service to receive instant push notifications on your iOS and Android devices from a variety of sources. Cool thing, Pushover works with IFTTT, an app that specializes at connecting other applications. So for example, you can add your blog comments RSS feed to IFTTT and Pushover to begin receiving push notification for each new comment.

8. Robokiller

If you’re like me, you get unsolicited calls on your mobile phone. Not only is it annoying, but it’s counterproductive – getting spam phone calls while working with a client. A potential solution? Robokiller, this app was built to block spam calls by automatically blocking over 200,000 telemarketers and robocalls from ringing your mobile phone. Best of all, this service even works if the unsolicited caller is spoofing or changing their phone number. The Robokiller service offers a free 7-day free trial, and full service for $30.00 for the year.

iOS and Android
(7-day free trial, full service $30)

9. Google Primer

There is no question that having a solid understanding of Internet marketing best practices is helpful toward growing your real estate business.That’s where the Google Primer app comes in. The app provides short, nicely paced lessons on branding, business insights, mobile and video marketing…and so much more.

iOS and Android

10. RPR App

Power your social media lead generation campaign with reports created and shared from the RPR app. Built exclusively for Realtors, RPR’s app offers on-the-go access to a nationwide, parcel-centric database of both residential and commercial properties. Easily create and send branded property reports, and local market activity reports … anytime, anywhere. Also use your phone’s location to view nearby sales activity; or take a deeper dive into any property and view tax, mortgage, historical and distressed data, flood zones, dynamic mapping, and more.

iOS and Android
Free (Realtors Only)

14 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

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