Decoding Real Estate: How RPR is Helping REALTORS® Navigate a Challenging Market, with Reggie Nicolay

There’s a twist to this month’s Decoding Real Estate as the show welcomes host-turned-guest Reggie Nicolay! As the VP of Marketing and Social Media at RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®), Reggie is a real estate tech and marketing thought leader. And the only thing he knows better than that, is RPR itself!

He’s also married to a very successful full-time agent, which gives him a special POV on real estate pain points and challenges. And he has first-hand knowledge on how the latest and greatest RPR data-centric tools on local market trends can help ease and solve them.

Host Genie Willett taps into Reg’s years of experience and RPR mastery to discuss and highlight RPR’s very busy 2023, including: the “Master the Market” eBook series, Shareable Market Trends, the Shareable Market Trends ScriptWriter, free Canva templates, the RPR app and more.

Tune in to get the scoop on how RPR is helping REALTORS® navigate their way through this tough market.

Don’t miss this month’s Decoding Real Estate with guest Reggie Nicolay!

Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett.


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