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    The RPR app has been upgraded, including the Buyer Tour feature, which let’s agents set up property tours and follow up with a report.

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    It’s a seller’s market, but buyers need guidance, too. REALTORS® that use RPR are able to help their buyer clients make better informed decisions.

  • With data from RPR, REALTORS® can provide their buyer clients with factual insight to help them zero in on their ideal neighborhood.

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    Five easy steps lead to a customized Buyer Tour Report with everything you and your clients need for a successful experience.

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    You asked and we were happy to abide. Now, properties, set the tour's order, and create a report to share with buyers.

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    Providing immediate answers to client concerns and questions, while in the car or at the curb, will turn the tide in any agent’s favor. Here, we show you how to use RPR's app to answer 12 common consumer questions while on the road.

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    Helping consumers determine a listing’s perceived value arises out of a calculated discovery process that offsets low-ball offers; and saves everyone time, trouble and money.

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    You’ve just received a call from anxious buyers.  They’ve been looking at homes online for weeks and are now ready to work with a REALTOR® to get the buying process started.  They have a good idea of what they can afford, and of course have a long list of criteria for the perfect home.  After spending some time...

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