RPR’s “Best of” 2023

Once again, the end of another year is here.

Time to look back, reflect, and keep an eye out for “Best Of” lists and Spotify-inspired “wrapped” top fives. RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is no different!

For eleven months we published some really helpful content and blog articles. All with the goal of helping REALTORS® navigate the current market and hopefully, be more successful with their business.

Here are a half dozen entries from our 2023 blogroll that are the most popular and most informative. If you missed any of these during the year, now’s your chance to get caught up and ready to tackle 2024.

From a list of fifty ways to use RPR, to how to create winning market update videos, to a buyer’s agent daily playbook, we present our best of the best.

REALTORS® often ask: “What can RPR do for me”? Here’s a list of fifty ways RPR can help you elevate your skills and your business.

If you’re looking for new ways to use RPR in your business, we’ve got you covered! This article is a huge resource of real-world tips that’ll show you how RPR can transform your workflow, whether that’s nailing your next listing presentation, running an open house, or keeping in touch with clients post-sale with smart anniversary follow-ups. Plus, with the RPR Mobile™ app, you can take all that power on the go!

2023 has been quite a year for RPR (Realtors Property Resource®). Guest (and host!) Reggie Nicolay discusses all the new and upgraded features and tools…

In this special episode, Genie Willett turns the mic on Reggie Nicolay, SVP of Marketing and Training at RPR. With a unique perspective shaped by both his industry knowledge and insights married to a top-notch REALTOR®, Reggie shares how RPR’s Shareable Market Trends and learning resources like the new “Master the Market” eBook series are helping agents clear marketing confusion. Learn about RPR’s 2023 innovations, including script writing features, Canva templates and app updates.

REALTORS® are using RPR data and video email software to their advantage. Get tips and techniques to help create video CMAs that amaze!

Creating and sending videos is a smart and effective way to communicate with clients and prospects. Agents usually send them out directly or post them on social channels to give market updates or promote themselves. However, REALTOR® Blake Wallace uses video CMAs to send to potential clients as a property specific icebreaker. Read on to see how this technique works Blake and some guidance on how you can easily do it yourself.

Congrats to the winners of RPR’s “How’s The Market” Video Contest! Watch the winning videos and read all about the REALTORS® who created them.

RPR created a contest to promote its Shareable Market Trends feature. Each video was required to include stats, charts or graphs from the Shareable Market Trends collection of data. Other than that, the sky was the limit and we received some pretty fun and creative submissions. This article puts a spotlight on the top three big winners.

How can REALTORS® demystify the current market? Tap into RPR’s local market metrics to clarify and cut down on confusion, and provide data-driven insight.

Data is king! This certainly applies to the business of real estate and RPR provides it to REALTORS® in so many ways. This write-up provides four unique scenarios in which the inclusion of property data into conversations (with buyers, sellers or investors) can really flip the script in an agent’s favor.

Buyer’s agents get some much-deserved love from RPR! See a complete buyer-focused daily strategy checklist with RPR’s “A Buyer’s Agent Daily Playbook.”

Are you a buyer’s agent who could use an outline for daily success? Look no further than RPR’s morning to evening buyer’s agent blueprint. This article focuses on how RPR can help a buyer’s agent with crucial, business-building tasks including prospecting, market trends analysis, building CMAs and more.

A look back… and now it’s time to look forward!

As we put a bow on the year, we hope you have time to read these articles in the coming weeks. Who knows, maybe you can read them next to a roaring fireplace with a big cup of hot chocolate?

Getting acquainted with RPR tips and tools like these is a smart way to start your business strategy planning for next year. And of course, look to RPR for even more business- and skill-building real estate content in the year to come.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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