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    With the right amount of prep and planning, and RPR at your side, your next open house is sure to be a success.

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    Tips on how to plan, conduct and follow up to ensure a successful open house. Including how to utilize RPR Property, Market Activity, Neighborhood and School reports as a sure-fire way to get more eyeballs and generate more leads.

  • See if you can spot what works in this anecdote about a recent open house that turned a brief interaction into four separate transactions totaling $5.3 million in sales.

  • More than 2.5 million homebuyers attended an open house in 2016. Here's how to capture your piece of the pie.

  • In real estate, you win some, you lose some. Yet for this Florida REALTOR®, losing one turned into a trifecta of wins. All because of a very unusual set of circumstances at a very popular open house.

  • When one-third of your annual sales in a single year stem from open houses, you pay attention. Something is working. For Nicole Nicolay that "something" includes a three-fold open house strategy that consistently results in above-average performance.

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