The RPR Mobile™ app: Turn your Next Open House Into a Closed Deal

Spring has officially sprung and that means open house season is in full bloom!

RPR (Realtors Property Resource®) is here to help you get ready and host an event that draws traffic, lures in buyers, and maybe even helps you connect with some warmed up leads.

For tips on how to prep, plan and pull it all off, check out RPR’s ultimate guide: A-Z Open House Tips.

However, the focus of this article is a reminder that the most important guest who attends your open house… is your phone. That’s right, the RPR app is your secret, on-site weapon!

The RPR app–where every answer is in the palm of your hand

On game day, make sure the RPR Mobile™ app is updated and downloaded to your phone and with you at all times.

The reason? Ahead of time, you can run a variety of different reports on the home and the area. Everything you do on the RPR website syncs with your phone app. So when you create the reports for your property address, all those reports will be one touch away. You can also create reports right there in the house, on the fly, and instantly send them to prospects visiting the open house.

These reports, such as the Market Activity Report, the Neighborhood Report and the Schools Report, will arm you, and prospective buyers, with loads of data and information. Then you’ll be ready to have conversations about the home itself, the neighborhood, the schools and the market. Speaking of market conditions…

Access hyper-local housing market data with just a simple tap from the app’s home screen. You’ll see a laundry list of relevant area data, including: New Listings, Active Listings, Pending Listings, Sold Listings. Sold Public Records, Month’s Supply of Inventory, Median Estimated Property Value and more.

The advantages of being able to offer this type of information are endless. Access to this data positions you as the go-to, local market expert. Simply put, these charts make you look really smart!

If a buyer strolls in and asks a question about home inventory in the neighborhood, there’s zero “fake it til you make it” on your part. With the RPR app in your back pocket, you’re able to provide up-to-date, rock solid data that will make a huge impression on your open house goers.

RPR app Success Stories

Here are two real world ways that the RPR app helped REALTORS® close some deals after an open house. One was an on the fly hail mary, while the other is a calculated, planned out ahead of time lead generation tactic.

RPR Mobile App Saves the Day for Busy Florida REALTOR®

In a high-stakes open house, Florida REALTOR® Gregg Center faced a unique challenge: engaging six couples simultaneously. With his go-to real estate app failing to deliver, Gregg turned to the recently downloaded RPR Mobile app as a last-ditch effort.

Swiftly intercepting the last couple, Gregg used RPR to showcase nearby properties, revealing a missed listing right across the street. Impressed, the clients made a $2.1 million offer, which ultimately fell through. However, they entrusted Gregg with buying a new home, selling their current property, and listing four waterfront parcels.

Today, Gregg champions RPR as an indispensable business tool, streamlining client interactions and “elevating his real estate prowess.”

Mastering Open Houses: A RPR-Driven Approach

Nicole Nicolay, a top-performing REALTOR® from Northern California, has developed a successful open house strategy that revolves around three key elements: engaging icebreakers, providing relevant information, and ensuring timely follow-ups. By leveraging RPR data and tools, Nicole establishes meaningful connections with potential clients and offers personalized property, neighborhood, and school reports to create lasting impressions.

Nicole’s approach begins by greeting open house guests enthusiastically and asking the right questions to establish a connection. She then offers potential clients valuable information drawn from the RPR platform about the area, schools, and neighborhoods. If visitors are considering both buying and selling, Nicolay promptly offers an RPR Mini Property Report on their current residence, complete with a comp analysis.

To prepare for open houses, Nicole runs RPR’s Mini Property, Neighborhood, and School Reports, displaying them prominently during the event. She also has a streamlined follow-up system in place, using an online form to collect contact information and subsequently sending customized RPR reports based on clients’ interests.

And here’s the lead gen cherry on top that Nicole uses at all of her open houses: She displays one copy of a report in a high traffic area. Then, when guests pick it up, she can break the ice and make an intro by saying, “It’s great that you picked up that Property Report. Right now, it’s the only copy I have left, but if you’ll give me your contact information, I’m happy to send you a personalized version.” This conversation-starter is a keen lead generation tactic that helps her connect with prospects, without coming on too strong.

You and the RPR app make a great team on open house day

Spring is when the selling season really heats up!

Make your next open house a success by incorporating RPR; especially the RPR Mobile™ app. It can help you handle all the curveballs that buyers throw your way in the form of questions about the home, the neighborhood, the schools and the market.

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