New Agent Stands Out and Finds Real Estate Success With RPR

The National Association of REALTORS® is the country’s largest trade group. And it’s only getting larger! Membership has increased over 90,000 members in the first three quarters of 2021, and is now well over 1.5 million members as a whole, an all-time high.

While more REALTORS® is good for the industry and for consumers, it can also equate to more competition amongst agents. So how does a new agent stand out, gain an edge and get ahead? One solid way is by taking advantage of NAR’s membership benefits, including RPR (Realtors Property Resource).

New NAR member takes advantage of a major benefit

Here’s how Eliana Umanzor, a new REALTOR® from Houston, Texas, is doing just that. She got her start in real estate by assisting her husband, REALTOR® Cesar Umanzor, for six years.

During this time, Eliana was able to use RPR by taking advantage of the Assistant User feature. With access to RPR, she was able to pull CMAs, create reports and prepare listings presentations, which really helped her become familiar and proficient in using RPR. And helped prepare her for a new career in real estate.

We spoke with Eliana to learn how she is using RPR to help her stand out and gain success.


Hi Eliana! How long have you been a REALTOR® and why did you decide to start now?

I started about three months ago. I decided to get into the business because the market is good right now! And I really love assisting people to find a home to fit their needs, their lifestyle and their milestones in life.


As a new agent, how have you used RPR to help get your business going?

Oh, in so many ways. The market is constantly changing, and I’m committed to studying the neighborhoods I specialize in and keep an eye on trends, so I can inform my clients. RPR helps me do all of that! The reports are very useful, especially the Neighborhood Reports and School Reports. My clients are very impressed with them. Most buyers with school children prioritize schools and RPR School Reports are perfect for that. They love being able to see the nearby properties to the schools they want their kids in. Supplying them with that information and data shows them that I’m a neighborhood expert.


What other takeaways do you have in using RPR?

I use it so much, both the mobile app and the desktop version. The mobile app is so convenient when you’re on the go. There’s a variety of clients in the market: some clients want detailed analytics, data and numbers, etc., while another group finds that all too overwhelming, and simply wants a brief summary. With RPR, I can satisfy both of those types of clients in a matter of minutes. I’m really impressed with the variety of reporting, which can be modified to fit the needs and expectations of my clients. Nowadays clients are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to home buying, so they expect info rapidly. RPR helps me stay informed and take care of clients’ questions and concerns in a timely manner.


New agents often find it hard to get up to speed and get going. Does RPR help alleviate any of those types of roadblocks?

Absolutely. When you’re new, there’s all this pressure to learn as much as you can. RPR is very resourceful when it comes to learning and education. I recently signed up for the new member webinar series, that’s just for new agents. And I find the RPR Learning Center to be really helpful. I love the short videos that help you navigate around the RPR site—those are my go-to’s! I also like how you can schedule live webinars, but also watch on demand tutorial videos. And it’s so cool how they send you a recording of the webinar you attended for future viewings and reference.


Your website bio reads: “Eliana loves helping others by empowering and enriching her clients with dynamic market intelligence and insightful information…” Tell us more about that.

I just love houses! And helping people find the right one. I actually get a thrill from touring properties and imagining how to transform spaces and how to build lives within them. I know what families are looking for in a home. So when you combine that passion with the data and info that I get from RPR, it’s a successful combo.


The big question: how’s it going so far?

Pretty well! I closed on my first house at the end of my second month, and I have four more listings coming soon.

Way to go, Eliana! As you can tell, having passion for and some previous experience in real estate is really helping her jump start her career. And taking advantage of RPR’s tools, data and reports doesn’t hurt, either.

Get your real estate career into high gear with RPR

RPR provides new agents with learning resources such as live webinars, video tutorials, printable guides, downloadable eBooks and so much more. Plus the ability to search properties, create reports, build CMAs, put together listing presentations, prospect for clients, market themselves, and the list goes on.

If you’re a new agent, create your RPR account today, and be sure to sign up for your new member webinar series. Good luck out there!

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  1. zameen June 10, 2022 at 3:53 am - Reply

    Hello, nice to see that she is successful by using realtor and the strategies which helped her to grow the real estate business with her husband. I also want to learn these strategies so where can a good learning course on the internet.

  2. The Cloud Services June 21, 2023 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    It’s great to see how Eliana Umanzor utilized RPR as a new agent to gain a competitive edge and provide valuable market insights to her clients. RPR’s features and resources seem highly beneficial for real estate professionals.

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