• Learn about our new and reformatted RPR charts and other changes in the release.

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    Even in a smaller market, RPR Commercial helps REALTOR® Dave Ferro search for properties and create professional reports to help his business expand and flourish.

  • Looking for Land in the All the Right Places Using RPR to Locate and Prospect for Land Land Prospecting and Searching in RPR The importance of real estate farming cannot be overstated. Farming is about cultivating a network of potential clients. Identifying the best areas for [...]

  • Cal Inman from ClimateCheck® checks in and discusses climate risk in real estate and how REALTORS® can help their clients prepare for current and long term challenges.

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    RPR Reports are packed with data and make a huge impression. See how REALTOR® Wendy Kaprelian uses them to help both her buyer and seller clients.

  • Learn what changes have taken place with this release.

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    Guide your commercial clients with confidence by sending them RPR Trade Area Reports that are packed with consumer demographics and consumer spending habits.

  • Work, life, stress… sometimes it’s all too much! Communication specialist Terri Murphy shares insight on how to focus, set boundaries and be successful in real estate.

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    RPR’s integration with ClimateCheck® offers REALTORS® access to a new data set, and a way to let their home buyer clients be aware of climate risks associated with properties.

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    RPR has just released a slew of product upgrades and additions, including improved sub-navigation and a data set integration with ClimateCheck®.

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    The parcel overlay map feature found in the RPR Commercial app can help you research and gather property information, right from your phone.

  • Are you really managing your CRM? Ricard Bueno gives expert advice on how to grow your business by utilizing your CRM to its fullest potential.

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    RPR Commercial map POIs (Points of Interest) provide crucial business data that you can use to your advantage.

  • Decoding Real Estate sits down with Kristin Spiotto to discuss how agents can fine-tune and refocus their marketing message. There’s a lot to learn in this quick, thirty minute episode, so be sure to listen/download today.

  • Learn how you can determine a property's future risk of climate-related hazards.

  • Learn what has changed in RPR!

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