RPR App: What is the My Work tab?

The My Work tab, in the Navigation Bar,  gives you a glance into the listing activity in your area, shows your current and previous listings, displays your recent searches and properties viewed, plus your saved notes, properties, and searches.

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Listing Counts

The Listing Counts section shows listing counts for For Sale, For Lease, New For Sale, New For Lease, Recently Closed, Open Houses (Res.), and Distressed properties within the area you are physically located. If the count is zero for any category, the category will not show.

Tapping a category will open a List View with a preview for each property, including address, photos, price, status, and basic facts. Tapping the photo will open the Property Details page.

  • For Sale

  • For Lease

  • New For Sale

  • New For Lease

  • Open Houses (Res.)

  • Recently Closed

  • Distressed

My Listings

My Listings displays your Current and Previous listings when you are the Listing Agent, Co-Listing Agent, or Buyer’s Agent.

Current displays your listings that are For Sale, For Lease, Pending, and Under Contract.

Previous displays your listings that are in Off-Market status up to 180 days from the closed date.

My Saved

My Saved displays a list of your saved/favorited:

  • Properties
  • Searches
  • Notes (properties where you have created notes)

Tapping a saved property or search within the list executes the search or takes you to the Property Details page.

My Recent

My Recent displays a list of the last 20 Properties and Searches you have recently viewed.

Tapping a recent property or search within the list executes the search or takes you to the Property Details page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Three or more transactions must occur within a calendar month to generate data for transaction-based charts. Try to search within a larger area or select a different Property Type.

We recently added charts with new categories and metrics. Although the chart formats do not appear in reports, the data is the same across the website, app and reports. Our reports will be updated with the new and reformatted charts in a future release.

Transaction-based charts (New Listings, Active Listings, Sold Listings, etc.) are updated at the end of each month and take about a week to complete. For new data to populate the chart (and for the date to change to the next month), three or more transactions must occur within the searched area.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.


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