What is the Seller’s Proceeds worksheet?

The Seller’s Proceeds worksheet allows you to estimate how much your client will profit from the sale of their property. You can show your client two potential scenarios on one worksheet. Begin by entering a low and high sale price estimate, then add any outstanding loans. Next, add estimated closing costs, seller concessions, and seller conveyances. With each input, the Net Cash to Seller total will automatically update. You can print the Seller’s Proceeds worksheet on its own or include it in your Seller’s Report.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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To edit your Seller’s Proceeds worksheet, click the Show Seller’s Proceeds button in the MY UPDATES section, of the Property Summary.  Once you are finished, click the Print button to create a stand-alone document or click the Save button to include it in a Seller’s Report.

You can access your completed Seller’s Proceeds Worksheet on your Home page, under the Report section. Click the My Work tab from anywhere on the website, then click My Reports to be taken to that section on the Home page. Your Seller’s Proceeds worksheet will display on your Home page for 30 days, but your inputs will remain on the Property Summary until you remove them.

Your Seller’s Proceed worksheet will be saved for 30 days on your Home page and Report page. Your inputs will remain on the Property Summary until you remove them.

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