How RPR Commercial Provides Value for REALTORS®

There’s a lot of talk right now about “value” as it pertains to the business of real estate. As in, what value do REALTORS® bring to the table?

For REALTORS® navigating the complex landscape of commercial and land transactions, having a centralized database that seamlessly integrates all these aspects is invaluable.

Enter RPR, your Realtors Property Resource. RPR is a game-changing platform that combines ease of use with unparalleled access to a wealth of data, and all at no extra cost to users, because it’s included in your National Association of REALTOR® member dues.

RPR: Your go-to, commercial real estate hub

One of the standout features of RPR is its inclusivity, offering a single destination for REALTORS® to access commercial and land data all in one place across the US.

Gone are the days of toggling between multiple platforms or databases to gather information relevant to a transaction. With RPR, REALTORS® have access to a streamlined application that pulls in a collection of heavy-hitting partners, to improve and maximize the user experience to its fullest.

In this article, we’ll examine three key, value-packed features of RPR Commercial that can help commercial practitioners. Because providing them with access to accurate and comprehensive data, can make all the difference between success and missed opportunities. We’ll look at RPR Commercial as a whole, but put a spotlight on Site Selection, Trade Area data and the comprehensive list of RPR’s commercial data partners.

RPR Commercial Site Selection

You can really set yourself apart from other commercial agents by utilizing the analytic tools that RPR Commercial provides.

When you’re able to sit down and show clients how much spending potential is in one particular area over another, or calculate ROI based on discretionary income and key demographic indicators, you’re bringing much more than a “hunch” to the table. You’re bringing data and analytical insight into the equation and it will impress your clients to no end.

RPR’s Commercial Site Selection tool is the perfect option when the question is, “Where are the right people for a business?”

This RPR feature gives commercial real estate practitioners an edge when it comes to finding ideal areas for professional or retail business sites. Here’s a summary of what it can do for you:

  • Select specific attributes from broad data categories such as economic, demographic, spending, tapestry and more.

  • With these attributes selected a user can search a large geography such as a county, and identify where these conditions exist in smaller geographies such as ZIP codes or neighborhoods.

  • This drilling down allows a user to search for properties only in these geographies with their desired attributes, ensuring that the core drivers of a client’s business are in the area, which is a time saver from looking through properties that aren’t.

Seeing these steps unfolded visually is highly recommended. Just watch this step-by-step video walkthrough. It will take what might seem like a complicated process and break it down and simplify it for you.

Trade Area data and reports

You’ve surely heard the saying: “location, location, location.” Well, it certainly applies to commercial real estate when finding a location that will support a client’s business.

Learn where customers are, and gain insight into their mindsets with RPR’s Trade Area details and consumer segmentation data from RPR (via Esri). Create customized, easy-to-understand reports that offer deep insights into the people, their lifestyles and behaviors in neighborhoods across the country.

A Trade Area Report from RPR goes beyond area demographics–it goes into the psychographics (how consumers think), which is even more crucial to determining a given area’s spending potential.

RPR’s Trade Area data provides users with the community details that help set a property apart when marketing to potential buyers and tenants, or to ensure that an owner occupier or investor is choosing an area with a community that will support their business or investment.

Watch this video on RPR Trade Areas for a step-by-step run through the process.

Commercial listing and data partners that add tons of value

RPR’s strength is further amplified through partnerships with Commercial Information Exchanges (CIEs), and National Commercial Listing feeds, including:

  • Brevitas
  • Crexi
  • Catylist/Moody’s
  • Land Broker Coop

As well as a handful of critical data partners that add uber-efficient access to demographic, tenant, traffic counts, POI (Points of Interest) data and commercial comps.

  • CompStak (for access to commercial property comparables)
  • Esri
  • Precisely
  • SMR Research

These partnerships expand the reach of RPR’s database, ensuring that REALTORS® have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive data available in the market.

Whether searching for commercial listings, researching properties or land parcels, REALTORS® can trust that RPR provides the most accurate and reliable information available thanks to the commitment and collaboration with valued partners.

RPR: a high value–no-cost way to make informed decisions

Ease of use is another key benefit of RPR Commercial. The platform is designed with REALTORS® in mind, offering intuitive tools and user-friendly interfaces that make navigating complex data sets a breeze. Whether researching property values, analyzing market trends, or generating reports for clients, REALTORS® can rely on RPR’s easy-to-use tech to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of RPR is its cost–or rather, lack thereof. Unlike other data platforms that come with hefty subscription fees or usage charges, RPR is available to commercial users at no additional cost. This means that REALTORS® can access a wealth of valuable data without worrying about breaking the bank.

In an industry where time is money and data is king, RPR is the ultimate tool for commercial specialists who are looking to unlock their full potential.

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