Congratulations to the Winners of RPR’s “How’s The Market?” Video Contest!

Big shout out to the grand prize winners of RPR’s (Realtors Property Resource®) video creation contest: Faith Putman, Brandon Rouzan and John Zimmerman.

Two months ago, in an effort to promote RPR’s Shareable Market Trends, we put out a call for entries for REALTORS® to create a market update video. The only catch was that it had to be at least thirty seconds long, and it had to include incorporating RPR’s Shareable Market Trends statistics. We received quite a few submissions, but some certainly stood out.

The judging was completed by a panel of marketing professionals at RPR, and the following criteria was assessed:

  • Creativity: Uniqueness and originality in showcasing RPR’s Shareable Market Trends charts.

  • Clarity: Clear explanation of market insights derived from the charts and their relevance to the presented scenario.

  • Presentation: Overall quality of video production, including visuals, audio and editing.

  • Engagement: Ability to capture viewers attention and effectively communicate what’s happening in the market using RPR’s Shareable Market Trends.

Here’s each grand prize winning video and a brief introduction to each of the winning entrants:

Grand Prize #1: a $250 VISA Gift Card

Faith Putman
Faith PutmanREALTOR®

Congrats to Faith Putman on her grand prize win! Faith is a residential agent from the Atlanta area who has been practicing for a few years, but also worked in real estate before becoming a full time agent. She loves working with both buyers and sellers, and this is not her first real estate video (it shows!). Faith has her own YouTube channel where she posts various types of videos for entertainment and real estate education for her subscribers and potential clients.

She had this to say about making her winning video, “I enjoyed making this video! It was so easy to incorporate the Market Trends because the material is relevant and helps set me apart from other agents. I’m also familiar with the new Market Trends ScriptWriter tool! I think it’s a great place to start with mapping out your content and beefing it up with your own personality and brand.” Excellent work, Faith!

Grand Prize #2: a $150 VISA Gift Card

Brandon Rouzan
Brandon RouzanREALTOR®

The second grand prize goes to Brandon Rouzan. Brandon is a residential agent out of Lancaster, CA and he’s been a REALTOR® for one year. Maybe because he’s only 23 years old! How did he get interested in a career in real estate? His mom has been an agent for seventeen years and introduced him to RPR right after he got his license. Brandon says, “My mom showed me RPR, and I thought ‘This is so simple to use and easy to understand.’”

In his video, Brandon is calm, cool, confident and quite comfortable in front of the camera. How did he like working with RPR’s Market Trends? “I love the Market Trends section, that’s one of my go-to’s. It gives me all the relevant info on a neighborhood or ZIP code. And I just recently discovered the Market Trends ScriptWriter–it’s so cool! I like that you can change the tone to fit your audience or wherever you’re placing it. It’s very helpful to have a script to start from when you’re discussing these big terms and big numbers. What a great addition to RPR!” So are you Brandon!

Grand Prize #3: a $75 VISA Gift Card

John Zimmerman
John ZimmermanREALTOR®

Rounding out the grand prize winners is John Zimmerman, from Southern California. John’s a seasoned vet who’s been a full time REALTOR® for thirty-four years. He works with buyers and sellers in Los Angeles and Orange County. John’s video is a hoot to watch! Probably because he recently started doing daily video uploads to social media.

How did John fare with the RPR Market Trends? “I had a good experience using the RPR Market Trends. I’d already been using the reports with my clients, so I was familiar with them and that made it easy to incorporate them into my video.” He also has a positive take on the new Market Trends ScriptWriter: “I think it’s a great tool to have to assist in writing scripts and dialogs. I’ve been using ChatGPT to help write property descriptions and though it’s not perfect, it does speed up the writing process a lot.” John’s old school, but he’s clearly comfortable with new tech!

RPR: your source for video-creation tools and data

Once again, congrats to all of our winners, and all of our participants. It was a close competition, with mere tenths of percentage points being the difference in our top three.

And as promised, we also gave out a very cool consolation prize of RPR swag to quite a few REALTORS®. These winners were able to choose between an RPR t-shirt or RPR aluminum water bottle.

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, we hope you’ll be inspired to create your own market update videos for your client and prospects!

With Shareable Market Trends and the Market Trends ScriptWriter, RPR makes it easier than ever to produce polished, attention-getting vids and social media posts. We’ve also recently published a detailed eBook on the video making process–be sure to download and check out: Lights, Camera, Sold! Captivating Consumers with Market Analysis Videos.

And… action!

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  1. Faith July 6, 2023 at 1:47 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity RPR!

  2. N July 11, 2023 at 11:37 am - Reply

    #3 was by far the best, but this does not surprise me one bit. Lol.

  3. Brandon Rouzan July 11, 2023 at 3:23 pm - Reply

    Thank you RPR, I look forward to making more of these videos thanks to you.

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