Unlocking RPR’s Potential: A Buyer’s Agent Daily Playbook

Sometimes in real estate, it seems like there’s an emphasis on selling and the skills and tasks that go with it. Seller’s agents are well-known for listing presentations, home pricing strategies, open houses, prospecting and marketing.

However, it’s really only half the story. Buyer’s agents help clients find properties that meet their clients’ demands and their budget, they show houses, and they help negotiate realistic offers. Listing agents might get all the glory, but the buyer side is equally important!

Let’s explore the day-to-day of a proactive buyer’s agent who knows how to make RPR (Realtors Property Resource®) work for them. Imagine navigating a jam-packed day full of property tours and client meetings, all while improving the service you provide to clients with RPR.

Ready to hear more? Let’s dive in and take a look at what we’re calling, “A Buyer’s Agent Daily Playbook”:

  • Morning: Analysis of Market Trends
    Start your day by reviewing Market Trends on RPR alongside your morning cup of coffee. Focus on the areas your clients and prospects are most interested in. Preview heat maps to view pricing trends at a ZIP code or city level. Information from RPR will back up your neighborhood authority–which your clients trust.

  • Mid Morning: Prospecting and Property Inspection
    Hit the pavement and inspect on- and off-market properties on RPR. With the RPR app, you can quickly access essential details from property records, current valuations and data related to distressed properties. Or use the website for neighborhood prospecting and generate homeowner mailing lists. You’ll be equipped with holistic property knowledge which clients appreciate.

  • Post-Lunch: Converting Potential Buyers into Clients
    Enhance your client meetings by sharing RPR’s comprehensive data to illustrate market trends, neighborhood details and market activity. With this valuable information, you can transform potential buyer’s uncertainties into confident and informed home-buying decisions.

  • Early Afternoon: Building a Successful Offer
    When a client is ready to make an offer, use RPR’s mobile CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) tool to offer reliable advice on competitive yet equitable pricing. Also, tap into the power of RPR’s Mortgage Calculator to help buyers better understand their buying power and potential monthly payments. Providing this valuable breakdown helps solidify you as a trusted advisor during negotiations.

  • Coming Full Circle: Readying for Tomorrow
    End your day by creating customized buyer reports and market activity reports via the RPR app that showcases viable properties and recent market developments. Prepare for tomorrow’s tasks with updated insights and new opportunities.

RPR: A buyer’s agent’s best friend

This sneak peek into an efficient buyer’s agent routine shows just how effectively RPR can be incorporated into your daily operations. By taking advantage of RPR, you’re well-armed to elevate your client-focused business and make data-driven decisions.

Additional Resources

This article is just the tip of the iceberg. RPR can do so much more to streamline your day-to-day operations. From fine-tuning your listing presentations to maximizing open house opportunities, RPR has you covered. For more tips and tricks, check out the tutorials and webinars available in RPR’s Learning Center.

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