RPR app: How do I create a Buyer Tour?

Pick multiple properties to share with your buyer via text or email. Our Buyer Tour, available in the RPR Mobile™ app, includes a side-by-side comparison and individual pages of each property with a photo, map, and property facts.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1 – Access

  • Tap the Report button on the Home screen to begin.

  • Select Buyer Tour from the Report options.

Step 2 – Add Properties

  • Tap a map pin to review a property. Move around the map with your finger, pinch and zoom as needed.

  • To take a deeper look at a property, tap the photo. Tap the back arrow to return.

  • Tap the Add button to add a property to your Buyer Tour. Touch the map to continue reviewing properties.

  • To add a property by address or Listing ID, tap the Add Known Properties button.

  • Tap the Next button when finished.

Step 3 – Confirm Properties

  • Add Known Properties if you want.

  • Change the order of how the properties will appear in your report.

  • Delete a property by touching Remove.

  • Add a note to one or more properties if you choose.

  • Tap the Next button when you are ready to continue.

Step 4 – Customize Report

  • Toggle All Report Sections to No if you want to omit pages from your Buyer Tour report. Leave as Yes to include all pages.

  • Toggle All Cover Page Elements to No to choose which elements you want to include in your Buyer Tour report. Leave as Yes to include all elements on the report’s Cover Page.

Step 5 – Run Report

  • Choose to download or email your Buyer Tour report.

  • Tap the Run Report button when ready.

  • Choose to exit reports, create more reports, or view your reports.

  • Reports expire after 30 days. Please download a copy of  your Buyer Tour report if you need to retain it longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For the best experience, we recommend using an up-to-date mobile phone and the most recent operating system version. Android users must also have Google Play Services installed.

Supported mobile Operating Systems:

Android 7.0 or higher
iOS 15.5 or higher

The RPR Mobile™ app supports Android (OS 7.0 and higher) and iOS (OS 15.5 or higher) phones. If you are working on a tablet, we encourage you to visit our responsive website at narrpr.com.

The Buyer Tour is only available in the RPR Mobile™ app at this time.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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