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This article explains some things that we are working to repair and instances where something may be different than what you expected.

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Open House > Add to Calendar: If you open an Open House map pin to the Property Details screen, scroll down to the Open House section, touch the “Add to Calendar” option and save it, then tap the link in your calendar, you are not deep linked to the correct Property Details screen. 


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Custom Pages: Sometimes uploaded PDFs are not displayed in RPR reports. Some members who have encountered this issue have succeeded by recreating the PDF or resaving the original PDF (in the program where it was created) and then uploading the new version in RPR. We expect to resolve this issue in early 2024.

– When selecting Attributes and hovering your cursor over the information question marks (?), some Attribute descriptions are cut off.

Exceptions to the rule

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A CoOp is owned by a corporation that offers shares of stock to tenants in exchange for the right to lease a unit in the building. Due to these circumstances, there is usually only one APN (parcel number, tax ID) for the entire building instead of for each unit.  Since RPR is a parcel-centric site, public records will not be available for individual units. Listings will show in RPR as a listing only record, which means only listing data will show in the property record.

Properties with an address range (such as “1-10 Main Street”) do not format correctly or are not recognized in a property search. For example, an active listing at 605-607 E. Mechanic St. will not be found in search. Your search results might include an off-market property at 605 E. Mechanic and an active listing at 606 E. Mechanic, but not a 605-607 property.

Work-around: Search public record by the APN number or the owner’s name. On-market properties can be searched by the Listing ID.

A property in RPR is not displayed as a recent sale if the sale occurred via a quitclaim deed. A property whose ownership changed as the result of a quitclaim deed will show a status of Off Market (or another status if relevant).

Catylist Listing IDs are too long for RPR to interpret and display.  Instead, RPR converts the Catylist Listing ID to a listing ID unique to RPR.  Because of this, you are not able to search for a property in RPR using the original Catylist Listing ID.

Work-around: Search by address, APN (parcel number/tax ID), or by owner name.  Members can search using the converted listing ID if it is known from a previous visit to the Property Summary in RPR.

List of MLSs and CIEs that provide Catylist listings to RPR.

This only affects Catylist Listing IDs – not all listing IDs from these MLSs and CIEs.


  • Birmingham Commercial Exchange


  • Connecticut Commercial List (CTCList)


  • Tallahassee Area CMLS
  • My Florida Commercial Real Estate (MFCRE)
  • Gulf Coast CMLS
  • Commercial Exchange Florida


  • Northern Illinois Commercial Association of REALTORS® (ICEx)


  • Kansas Commercial Real Estate


  • Kentucky Commercial Real Estate Alliance (KREA)


  • Louisiana Commercial Database (LACDB)


  • Commercial Alliance of REALTORS West Mi Grand Rapids (CARWM)
  • Commercial Board of REALTORS® Michigan (CPIX)


  • MSCREX Mississippi Commercial Real Estate Exchange
  • Mississippi Commercial Association of REALTORS® (MCAR)

North Carolina

  • North Carolina CMLS (Cape Fear Realtors)
  • North Carolina CIE


  • Midlands Regional Commercial Information Exchange – MRCIE

New Hampshire

  • New England Commercial Property Exchange

New Jersey

  • Tri-State Commercial Properties Information Exchange (TSCPIX)

New Mexico

  • Commercial Association of REALTORS® New Mexico (CARNM)


  • Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors Commercial Information Exchange


  • KAAR CIE – Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS® CIE
  • Northeast Tennessee CMLS
  • Greater Chattanooga Association of REALTORS® CMLS


  • Greater Tyler Association Realtors Commercial Information Exchange
  • West Texas CIE
  • Border CIE
  • South Texas Commercial Association of REALTORS®


  • Wisconsin Commercial Information Exchange (WCIE)

The square footage displayed for residential properties encompassing more than one structure or unit. For instance, a house and a guest house reflect the square footage of one structure, not the total of all structures. This is because RPR receives data denoting the building square footage for the first structure but not square footage for additional structures on the same parcel.

When creating an RPR account, a NRDS membership will not validate if there are letters with special characters in the last name (for example é, ñ, etc.).

Solution: While creating your account, omit special characters. This will not prevent your name from appearing correctly on your RPR reports. Once you have created your RPR account, visit your Profile to make edits if needed. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at (877) 977-7576.

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