Use RPR to Provide Calculated Price Opinions for Buyers

For buyer agents, helping consumers determine a listing’s perceived value arises out of the discovery process—a system of checks and balances that identifies distinguishable differences between comparable properties. What tips the scales in favor of expediting the discovery process, and transitioning inquiring clients into happy homeowners, is the ability to offer accurate, insightful information to those clients at the very moment they inquire.

“If I’m showing a listing and my clients comment on a similar house being offered at a lower price, I simply pull up RPR® [Realtors Property Resource®] on my phone,” says Kimberly Poisso, a REALTOR® with Straughan Real Estate, Winnfield, Louisiana. “With RPR’s app, I can instantly compare both properties with photos, descriptions, etc., and offer my clients an in-depth, professional opinion of the listing’s market value—all while we’re at the showing.”

Kimberly is one of thousands of RPR users who claim on-the-spot access to data saves both her and her clients time and money. “My clients typically choose to see homes based on internet photos and the home’s basic characteristics. But, with help from RPR, I see what’s behind the scenes. I dig deep into the statistics, which puts me in a position to offer my expertise, especially when they ask about another property.”

As an example, Kimberly reflects on a recent buyer tour. Her client inquired about a nearby home for sale offered at a significantly lower price. “It’s my job to help them discover what makes one house better than the other,” she said. “So, right there, alongside the buyer, I can pull up the two listings on my RPR app, go over each home’s basic characteristics like number of bedrooms and square footage; and even get into upgrades, taxes, mortgage info, schools, area amenities and more; which paints a much larger picture for them.”

Educating buyers while touring the home gives them a fresh perspective on its value and helps to continue the journey. By using the app to show her buyers everything there is to know about comparable properties, Kimberly doesn’t have to delay the tour by adding another showing or making phone calls. “Everything my client needs to know about another property can be discovered right then and there,” she said.

She adds, “This process is also helpful because my clients are less likely to lowball an offer when they see the ins-and-outs of other properties, and more likely to expedite an offer.”

“I use RPR technology to show the balance between the home’s characteristics and its asking price,” said Kimberly.  “Using the data, I’m able to surpass that of ‘salesperson’ to be a provider of a new home for my clients.”

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