14 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2017

Chances are you’re a busy REALTOR® who relies on word of mouth or happenstance to learn about the latest and greatest apps. If so, the RPR team is here for you. Here are 14 top trending real estate apps that we believe will support your core business activities. The list might even include apps for tasks or practices that you have yet to consider or procrastinated, concerned they are too expensive or too difficult to adopt. Fear not, almost all of these apps are free or have upgrades starting at just $5 a month.

1 Charlie App

This app will put a smile on your face. With “Charlie,” you’ll enter every meeting with the who, what, when and where background of everyone in the room. The app researches your contacts, in particular, those with whom you’re about to interact with, and sends you information about their company, professional background, personal interests, and any news about them.

iOS only
Free for 30 days, then $19.99/mo

2 Cloze

If you suffer from inbox overload, and want a solution than can help keep track of it all, Cloze is worth considering. Shortly after setup, the Cloze app was integrated with my email accounts including my calendar, social accounts and Evernote (click here in case you’re not familiar with Evernote) The Cloze dashboard includes a daily agenda that aggregates your inbox, contacts, calendar and to-do list into an easy to manage list. The app even surfaces emails with mentions of follow-up activities on a specific day. Looking for related files and documents? Cloze also presents a clickable history of communication from each contact with related attachments.

iOS and Android
Free plan / Cloze Pro 13.33/mo. for annual plan

3 DocuSign

More than 200 million users can’t be wrong about this digital hero. DocuSign, the industry leader in electronic signature software, eliminates the costs, hassle, and lack of security in paper-based transactions. Use DocuSign to complete approvals and agreements in hours—not days—from anywhere and on any device. Quickly and securely access and sign documents. Easily upload and send documents for others to sign. Send reminders and check signing status any time.

For Android and iOS
NAR members exclusive rate of $20/mo

4 Microsoft OneNote

Similar to Evernote, OneNote allows you to take notes, clip images from the web, and scribble notes by hand. It’s free, and best of all, if you already have a Microsoft Office subscription, your notes will sync across all your devices and Microsoft apps. Ready to give it a try? OneNote comes with an easy to use import module that transfers your notes from Evernote right into the app.

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and web
Microsoft Office 365 Home: $99.99/yr

5 Expensify

Any money-related app that starts with “Expense reports that don’t suck” has our vote. But what really got our attention about this highly-rated app is its simplicity. Use your phone to scan receipts and Expensify will code and report the expense for you. It also keeps tabs on your spending, making it easy to itemize deductions when tax time rolls around. One click tells the app to track business miles through the GPS technology or odometer readings, which automatically records them for any kind of deductions or reimbursements.

Free trial, then starts at $5/mo
Web, Android, iOS

6 RPR Mobile

Realtor on the go? There’s an app for that. Built exclusively for Realtors, RPR’s app offers on-the-go access to a nationwide, parcel-centric database of both residential and commercial properties. Easily search properties, create and send branded reports, and view local market activity … anytime, anyplace. Use your phone’s location to view nearby sales activity; or take a deeper dive into any property and view tax, mortgage, historical and distressed data, flood zones, dynamic mapping, and more.

iOS and Android

7 Facebook Ad Manager

By now we’re sure you’ve realized that Facebook Ads are a great opportunity for real estate agents. Which is exactly why the Facebook Ad Manager made this list. Agents will appreciate the mobile command and control center for all of their Facebook ad campaigns. Easily create ads, track the results, start and stop campaigns, even edit the ad budget and schedule all from a phone. Much like the Facebook mobile app, you’ll also see ad recommendations based on your top posts.

iOS and Android

8 Adobe Premiere Clip

For quick and straightforward video creation on a mobile device, Adobe Premiere Clip is a must have. Start a new video by accessing footage on your phone, tablet, lightroom, creative cloud, dropbox or take video live. Once you’ve added your videos to a new project, choose whether to have Adobe Premiere Clip automatically generate a video for you, including cuts and sound track. Or use the freeform tool to manually trim and sequence your video. It’s even possible to start using the automatic method and then switch to manual methode for final clean up and publishing.

iOS and Android

9 Matterport (3d Virtual Tours)
Everyone’s talking about virtual reality in the real estate realm, so why not us? Visually stunning and so easy to use, Matterport is a all-in-one “reality capture system” that gives REALTORS® realistic, virtual reality experiences that feel as real as being there, which is why it’s perfect for those who specialize in luxury properties and/or relocations. The app brings your listings to life with 3D photography, interactive floor plans and more. The price tag for a Matterport camera may make the system prohibitive for some real estate agents. On the flip side though, if you have a strong market and looking for something to get ahead with your clients, this might be it.

Android and iOS
$19 to $149/mo

10 Magicplan

No longer do you need to whip out the tape measure to create a floor plan for your next listing. With magicplan, you can survey and build a comprehensive floor plan detailing room sizes and dimensions, all from your phone. Do your clients need help with pre-listing work and staging? Magicplan enables you to assist clients with both generating work estimates and staging their furniture. All finished with your floor plan? Download a PDF of your final layout, and you’re good to go.

iOS and Android
Free to start; with varying levels of payment and features
Business account/full access: $24.50/mo

11 Facebook Live

Okay, we know Facebook Live isn’t its own app, but if you saw “Facebook,” would you have even stopped to read more? The fact is Facebook Live will complement just about any real estate agent’s existing digital media strategy. For most agents, it’s where their sphere of influence is already visiting. Going live is as simple as opening the Facebook app and pressing the Live button in the status update area. Use the privacy settings to choose your audience. Next give the video a description. This is what others will see so your content should motivate them to watch. Now you’re ready to go live! Your audience will see a notification that you’re live and, as they join and engage, you will see their notifications. Tapping Finish ends the session by saving the video so you can easily post, share, etc.

iOS and Android

12 Swype

Swype lets you text faster and more efficiently. Say goodbye to typos and autocorrect nightmares. It’s as simple as Swyping your next text message or note. Start with the first letter of the word, slide your finger from each letter to the next and Swype recognizes what you are trying to type. Word prediction, and even emoji suggestions based on the words you type, is fully supported. Pre-program gestures that correspond with preset text messages customized by you.

iOS and Android 
Free / Purchase premium keyboard themes for .99 cents

13 SentriSmart

Here’s a cool scenario. You’re at the door, about to open a Sentri Lockbox and your client asks for info on the listing. Impress them with your tech savviness. SentriSmart, the app offered by SentriLock, integrates data from Homesnap, HomeSpotter, RPR. In just a few clicks, you’ll have all of the property’s information at your fingertips.

iOS and Android

14 Zapier

Have you ever wished that when someone fills out a form on your website, that they would then be subscribed to your email list and immediately start receiving messages from your automated new client campaign? How about having that same person then added to your CRM, or given access to buyer and seller information, all customized from you? Then Zapier is for you.

Free / Full Access with 3+ step automations starting at $20/month

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  1. Alice August 15, 2017 at 5:56 am - Reply

    Wow!! Thanks Jim.. these apps will definitely help my clients have the best experience possible 😃👏

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    Is One Note accessible when you don’t have internet access like Evernote is?

    • Lisa August 15, 2017 at 10:45 am - Reply


  3. Lynne Zekis August 17, 2017 at 4:25 am - Reply

    I use Mike IQ great for keeping track of your miles for personal and business. Easy to use ! Highly recommend

  4. Dana August 17, 2017 at 8:28 am - Reply


    Here’s a cool scenario. You’re at the door, about to open a Sentri Lockbox and your client asks for info on the listing. Does this work with Supra EKEY?

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  8. Mike Ullian December 3, 2018 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Always looking for ways to improve my performance as a commercial realtor. I’m gonna take some time and look through these apps. Thanks for sharing, also thanks for the extra info about which systems and cost!

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