How to add Your Brand Voice to RPR’s Market Trends ScriptWriter

RPR (Realtors Property Resource®) has recently introduced a time- and effort-saving marketing tool for REALTORS®: an AI ChatGPT-powered Market Trends ScriptWriter.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, check out this blog article, AI ChatGPT-Powered Market Analysis: Game-Changing Feature for Real Estate Marketing for all the details.

AI tech for REALTORS® to easily create copy and content

To summarize, agents can now go to the RPR Shareable Market Trends (up-to-date, hyper-local housing market data) and hit a button that says, Create Script. Then, the artificially intelligent little robots will wordsmith a spot-on script for you. This is the groundbreaking tech you’ve heard and read so much about–and now it’s available to REALTORS® via RPR!

Here’s a quick “how-to” on how to use the Market Trends ScriptWriter. First, log in to RPR. Then go to the Research menu tab and choose Residential Market Trends. Users can choose the market statistic or chart they want to share, based on a search area (ZIP, neighborhood name, city, etc.).

Next, hit that Create Script button! Choose a tone (Professional, Engaging or Conversational) and an audience (Buyers, Sellers or Buyers and Sellers), and then choose the type of script (video, social post, market explanation), and voilà!… In seconds you’ve created smart, factual marketing copy and content to use in whatever medium you choose. You can use these scripts and this copy to create messages and marketing materials to inform your clients and prospects about the current status of their local housing market!

Make a good thing better: add your own voice to the AI-powered scripts

Here’s where it gets even more fun: although the copy generated is fine to use “as is” (although you are highly encouraged to review it and approve it), we’ve found that adding your own voice is the best way to make it more enjoyable and memorable. Injecting your own personality, your own brand, and even your own language, is the recommended way to reach your targets and your audience.

Here are a few examples of what we mean by adding your own brand voice to a script or message. Below is the copy that the Market Trends Script-Writer generated for Oceanside, CA 92057. We used the first chart of data, the lead off summary of “Market Trends”, which shows a Market Indicator slider, and also some important “Key Details”, including Months of Inventory, List to Sold Price %, Median Days in RPR and Median Sold Price. Here’s what the AI Script-Writer produced with the “Professional” tone, buyers and sellers as the audience, and a video script as the selections:

Again, the above is factually sound, grammatically correct and reads pretty well, considering a machine did it! However, now it needs some of your personality and style before you share it with your sphere.

Here are some basics to consider: do you have a slogan or a handle? Be sure to use that. Do you specialize in certain neighborhoods or certain clients? Call that out. Also, be sure to add in any “local” knowledge you might have to bolster your credentials as a local housing market expert. Basically, add some flair and have some fun! Here’s an example of how to edit your script and insert your voice:

As you can see when comparing the two, the second version is much more compelling and you get a sense of “John’s” personality throughout it. The first, AI-generated option is more of a “just the facts” version, and it’s a really solid start. You just need to sprinkle in some zest and jazz things up a bit! Make it your own, say things as you naturally would and explain things in a down to earth way.

Own your AI

RPR now offers an AI ChatGPT resource that helps REALTORS® in all their marketing efforts

The RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter is ready now! We’ve made the tech easily available and usable just for REALTORS®. And there’s absolutely no extra charge or fee: anyone who uses RPR can use the Scriptwriter.

We hope you’ll try out this new resource and tool. It’s a solid foundation for creating memorable and clutter-cutting real estate marketing messages.

Choose your stats, your tone, your audience and your medium… and wait for the magic. Then, take what the bots give you and make it your own! Review the scripts and copy, then work in your own talking points, your local insight, and of course, your winning personality. And in no time you’ll be creating market updates that inform and convert.

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