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RPR Commercial: Map out a Path to Success

RPR Maps can help commercial real estate practitioners offer their clients insight and expert guidance. These maps provide a visual analysis to help analyze traffic counts, determine fit and need for b...


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RPR Commercial: Use Public Records to Find Prospects

In commercial real estate, generating leads is not always an exact science. However, there is a way to tackle this important, business-building task. RPR offers the ability to search public records to ...


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How to Find Commercial Comps Using RPR

Using RPR to conduct commercial comp searches is a no-brainer. With access to 450,000 listings across the country and 55 million off-market properties, commercial practitioners can use RPR to find stat...


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Engaging Buyers Through Email Campaigns with Ardian Zagari

RPR Commercial Director Nathan Graham has a chat with Ardian Zagari, the co-founder of Brevitas. Ardian offers tips on how to craft and create email marketing campaigns that get eyes and clicks, and mo...


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