RPR Commercial

Comprehensive data and reports … anytime, anywhere

RPR helps Commercial real estate pros generate persuasive, decision-making data and reports for all types of clients. RPR Commercial is your benefit, already incorporated into your NAR dues, which truly makes it your one-stop-shop for comprehensive market data and analysis.

Where are the right customers for a business?

Determining fit is the biggest benefit any commercial practitioner can bring to a client’s business plan. RPR’s dynamic reports help agents and business owners match the best location with the most suitable target audience using demographic, psychographic and spending data information.

Where is the best location for a business?

Bridging the gap between business owners and target audiences (consumer or labor) is critical to the success of a commercial enterprise. Here practitioners can tap into RPR’s Best Business Report to pinpoint over-and-underrepresented business types in a specific geography. Once determined, find the best location based on an analysis of spending data within a drive time, radius, or general area.

What’s the best retail business for a location?

Are there too many ice cream shops in Brattleboro, VT? Does Topeka need another dry cleaning business? The RPR best business chart indicates which business types are over and underrepresented in a specific area.

Powerful Thematic Maps

View demographic information overlaid in your defined area of interest, allowing you to see locations of interest with the highest concentration of the indicator. Select points of interest (POI) and examine sales volume and number of employees for businesses.