Effective January 2019

RPR Trainer Certification Program

  1. RPR provides an online trainer certification program with a suite of classes on a variety of topics.
  2. RPR offers an Introductory Train the Trainer webinar as well as class materials, including class outlines, PowerPoints and ebooks for a wide variety of RPR class topics.
  3. Anyone newly interested in becoming an RPR Certified Trainer must complete an application and submit it to the RPR Training Department
  4. To maintain their certification, RPR Trainers must have an active RPR account with access to at least one MLS’ data in RPR.
  5. RPR does not compensate Certified Trainers. However, trainers may work with associations, MLSs and other interested parties for payment, at their discretion.
  6. RPR Certified Trainers will be required to periodically participate in online classes to maintain their certification. For example, quarterly updates on new RPR features.
  7. Upon request, RPR will provide Getting Started Cards to distribute in live classes.
  8. RPR will post a list of Certified Trainers on the RPR blog
(blog.narrpr.com) along with contact information and the list of RPR class topics for which the trainer is certified to teach.
  9. RPR provides a variety of training resources at blog.narrpr.com, including quick start guides and flyers that can be easily downloaded and used as class handouts. RPR does not provide hardcopies of these documents.
  10. Any questions about the RPR Trainer Certification program can be sent to the RPR Training Team at Training@narrpr.com.

Are you interested in becoming an RPR Certified Trainer?