Governmental and Political Affairs Staff

The RPR Federal and Local Economic Area Reports are now available to Association staff and to NAR Federal Political Coordinators (FPC’s).

Governmental affairs director focuses on economic development with RPR data tools

Brian Bernardoni likes to paint a picture for his constituencies. How have a neighborhood’s demographics changed? Who is moving into the area and why? What businesses are thriving and diving? To find out, he turns to RPR.

Economic Area Reports

The Federal Economic Area Report provides local and state association staff as well as NAR FPCs with a report they can use for outreach with federal legislators. The report highlights demographic and economic trends within any of the 435 U.S. congressional districts or for an entire state. The Local Economic Area Report can cover a ZIP code, city or county, and is helpful for local and state association legislative staff and Governmental and Political Affairs Directors working with state, local and regional officials. Future releases of RPR will allow users to draw custom areas, such as city council districts, Tax Increment Finance districts, etc.

Watch this video to learn more:

Getting Started

In order to access these RPR Reports, set up your authorized users, and customize them with your association logo, you need the following:

  1. An RPR account—if you do not have an RPR account, you can request one by completing this form
  2. You or another association staff person needs to have completed either the Legislative and Economics Report Registration form, or the Legislative and Economic Reports section of the Association Dashboard Registration form and provided your name as an authorized user along with the Association logo. If someone on your staff has not done so, here is a link to the registration form: RPR Economic Area Reports registration form . During the registration process, please have your Association logo available for uploading. RPR will ensure that your Association logo appears on reports generated by your staff. You can also designate REALTOR® volunteers whom you want to have access to the reports, for example association officers, committee chairs or other key members.

How to run the Economic Report

For detailed instructions on how to create an Economic Report, follow these steps.