Spring ushers in major refresh of Esri data

This year’s refresh, with more than 1 billion data points, also includes new indicators and charts.

Wooing Amazon: Red Rover, Red Rover Send Amazon HQ2 Right Over

While many would love to call their city a home for Amazon, some locations make more sense than others, especially when it comes to finding the right people for the 50 thousand jobs the behemoth merchandiser intends to create.

Discovering Local Opportunities By Assessing National Trends

Staying up to date with trends affecting commercial real estate should be easier than ever. All of this information can become overwhelming, but through careful curation of who you pay attention to, you can begin to see the opportunities through the trees.

Target the Right Consumer Base With Esri Data From RPR

Location is key, but what really ensures success is whether the target consumer lives nearby.


Getting to Know a Community

Whether you’re advising a client as a tenant, owner occupier or investor, one of the key drivers to their success lies in you placing them in the right community to support their business. With ESRI Tapestry segmentation you can go beyond typical economic and demographic research to truly understand the people that live around a building. This will ensure that your client will be surrounded by the right consumers, employees or tenants.

Converting Trends into Deals

RPR’s economic and commercial forecast reports play a key role in helping clients find the right location for their businesses. Watch this tutorial to learn how RPR’s site selection tools reveal a broad scope of location-based attributes used to examine national trends, such as Aging America, Long Term Renters, Coworking Spaces and more.

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