RPR’s Commercial Trade Area Page Gets a Renovation

At RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®), we’re always striving to improve the look, feel and functionality of our platform. From minor fixes to major redesigns, we take every opportunity to elevate the RPR user experience to ensure that REALTORS® are as productive and proficient as possible.

With our latest release, we’ve made some design improvements to the Commercial Trade Area section. It’s the same detailed data and information, but now it’s presented in a much more eye-pleasing format.

(For details and a quick refresher about Trade Area Information within an RPR Commercial property search, check out this article from our blog roll: RPR Commercial: Trade Area Reports.)

Updated Trade Area look and feel

To see the new Trade Area Information page, log into RPR, and set the toggle for “Commercial.” Now conduct an area or property specific search, and click on the results. You’ll be presented with the Property Information page. Now click on Trade Area in the navigation bar.

In the Trade Area section, you’re given key economic indicators and information about the people who live in the nearby area. Demographic stats on the population and Consumer Segmentation group breakdowns can give commercial agents a bird’s eye view of the spending potential a location offers a commercial business owner or investor. And now that information is much easier to digest…

Here’s the previous version of the Trade Area Information page:

And here’s the new version!

As you can see, the data and the information remains the same, but the layout has been enhanced. The previous “Key Details”, such as Median Household Income, Median Age, Total Population and 1st Dominant Segment, are now viewable on the left side of the page, in colorful, easy-to-read tiles.

The right side of the page includes a larger, interactive map of the area that users can expand or collapse. Or tap into for additional information and to apply data-rich layers.

More design improvements for a more streamlined workflow…

Two other areas have also received subtle, yet noticeable facelifts.

Here’s the “before” of the Consumer Segmentation section:

And here’s the new and improved version:

And finally, here we see the previous Demographic Facts and Stats:

The redesigned page now looks like this:

Trading up!

RPR’s Commercial Trade Area pages and visuals are looking better than ever! One of the definitions of good design is taking words and information and presenting it in a simple, easy to understand way. We hope we’ve achieved that for you with these refreshed designs.

Be sure to take advantage of Trade Area research and analysis when advising your commercial clients. Check it out for yourself by searching a Trade Area; use the link to take a guided tour and get familiar with the workflow.

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