Join the RPR Reports Beta Experience

A more personalized and interactive reporting interface awaits

Join us in fine-tuning the next generation of RPR Reports. Your insights are crucial as we unveil a set of features aimed to transform your reporting process, making it more personal, flexible, and user-friendly.

By joining our beta test, you’ll get an exclusive first look at our latest features, including:

  • Customizable Templates: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all reports! Create and save templates that wow your clients and reflect your unique brand, every single time.
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop: Who knew report customization could be so smooth? Easily drag and drop elements to tailor every report to your precise needs and vision.
  • Real-Time Live Preview: Instant updates means no surprises. Edit and view changes live to ensure your report is impeccable before it reaches your client.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

Gear up for a pivotal role! Begin with a 30-minute webinar on January 16, 2024, to get you up to speed on the beta testing details. Then, between January 17th and January 24th, dive deep into the beta environment. Your goal: test drive the new features, report back with your honest input, and help us polish these tools to their finest luster.

Secure Your Place in the Beta Test

Don’t delay, as availability is limited! All you need to do is sign up below to participate. After you register, we’ll be in touch come January with all the specifics on testing and how you can make your invaluable contributions.

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