Custom or Consolidated Dues Support

RPR offers two levels of live dues support.

Option 1 – Customized program mimicking your organization’s support team.

RPR will:

  • Design a program that mimics the way you currently take dues payments.
  • Set up a phone tree option where your members can “Press 3 to pay your dues”. RPR’s friendly Omaha-based customer service representatives will answer the phone any way you would like.
  • Pay your member’s dues through your customized RAMCO account.
  • Answer your members dues questions.
  • Transfer your members back to your organization if needed.
  • Provide reporting.
  • Set-up fees are based on your organization’s size; cost is approximately $1,500.
  • Training fees are billed by the hour and based on the number of customer service representatives needed.
  • RPR invoices you each month based on time recorded for each interaction. Billing is down to the second.
  • Billing rate for 2023-2024 dues season is $68.25 per hour plus prorated RAMCO license rates.

Note: Option 1 requires additional setup and training time.

Option 2 – Consolidated program using a generic 800 number.

RPR will:

  • Provide an 800 number to distribute to your members.
  • Answer calls by our friendly Omaha-based customer service representatives using the following greeting “Thank you for calling Dues Support.”
  • Pull up your members’ information.
  • Ensure the caller is paying dues for your organization.
  • Pay your member’s dues through your customized RAMCO account
  • Record Successful and Unsuccessful Payments, Transactions that need your organization’s assistance (via email).
  • Billing is based on the transaction type:
  • Successful Payment and those that require Transaction Assistance $5.68
  • Unsuccessful Payments $4.55

For more information contact Dues Support at [email protected].

Voicemail Program

RPR offers turnkey automated voicemail campaigns. RPR offers an automated service that sends a voicemail message to your members on any topic.

Uses for this type of campaign include:

  • Dues Reminders
  • Lapsed Member Campaign
  • Event Announcements
  • Any message you want to send to your members

This service operates on mobile phones only and will leave a voicemail message without ringing the phone. RPR’s delivery success rate is over 90%; you only pay for successfully delivered messages.

RPR will:

  • Develop your voicemail campaign strategy
  • Scrub your list so you are only delivering to mobile phones
  • Script the voicemail message
  • Professionally record the message for you – $100 additional fee includes 3 takes
  • Execute the campaign
  • Provide “Success Reporting”

Rates for 2023 and 2024 are $0.67 per successfully delivered voicemail.

For more information contact Dues Support [email protected].