Put powerful pricing analysis tools to work for you

RPR has just what agents and appraisers need to accurately price properties

RPR offers agents and appraisers powerful analysis tools that leverage hundreds of datasets to accurately pinpoint a property’s value, particularly for hard-to-price properties.

In this session, we’ll lead you through the RPR website as we demonstrate how to master the platform’s customizable valuation tools, such as the CMA, Sales Comparison Analysis and Valuation Workbook.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Search/research properties to use as comps.
  • Use your expertise to compare and weigh comps.
  • Analyze neighborhood sales trends.
  • Create persuasive, customizable and branded Seller’s Reports.
  • Generate a Sales Comparison Analysis and Valuation Workbook for a more in-depth property analysis, especially for appraisers.