RPR Deep Links

Shortcuts from your MLS to any location in RPR

Give your members the ease of instant accessibility to hundreds of additional datasets by way of RPR Deep Links. The ultimate integration experience, an RPR Deep Link seamlessly sends a member from a listing within your MLS to a page “deep” within the RPR site.

From there, your members gain access to RPR public records data on schools, property details, neighborhoods, market activity and the ever-popular RPR reports.

Designed for MLSs, CIEs and Brokers, this advanced functionality can be used in both Commercial and Residential modes. And by adding Single Sign-On (SSO), a subscriber’s credentials are automatically authenticated, never having to login again.

Pro Tip: Combine your Deep Links with RPR Branding, a unique feature that helps to keep your brand front and center for subscribers.

Deep Links in Action

Before testing, make sure you log in to RPR.

Ready for next steps?

Ready for next steps?

Setting up Deep Links for your MLS is easy but does require a developer.

  1. Send us your contact info and a member of our Industry Relations team will walk you through the process.
  2. Do-it-yourself with our Deep Links Generator.

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