Deep Linking

Deep Linking allows a user to seamlessly travel from a link in the MLS system to a page ‘deep’ in the RPR site. For example, while viewing a listing within the MLS, a user might see a small RPR logo that is linked directly to RPR’s Property Summary.  At the MLSs discretion, Deep Links can also connect to RPR’s Neighborhood page and various Reports within its platform. Deep Links can be included in any software application; it is not limited to MLS systems.

Single sign on (SSO) is not required for Deep Linking.  If there is no SSO in place, the user will be taken to the RPR homepage and required to enter login credentials before the internal RPR page is displayed.  The username as and password are saved in RPR for two weeks.  As long as the user accesses RPR once every 2 weeks, the ‘Remember Me’ feature will allow the login without entering username and password.

Each vendor has a different process for implementing Deep Linking with RPR.  Contact your software provider for further instructions on getting started.  Additional information can be found in our Knowledge Base.  Or simply email